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Stories Archive

Sprint PCS Info: All Stories

· Notice: Feed Discontinued, Update Your URLs095612006-04-26 
· Sorry for The Delays...2112302006-03-29 
· Format Change2103802006-03-21 
· Take The Call With EV-DO Active (Updated)5222502006-03-18 
· Sprint Launches Sports Mobile With MM API0130702006-03-17 
· New Opera Mini Beta for Sprint Phones0167552006-03-12 
· Yes, We're Back2116802006-03-10 
· Sprint Referral Program Re-Launch0171702006-02-24 
· The MM-A900 White Screen of Death6226602006-02-24 
· Sprint Resolves DMCA Complaint Against PCS Intel1124302006-02-23 
· Sprint Serves PCS Intel With DMCA Notice056602006-02-23 
· Weekend Update249302006-02-22 
· Wireless Backup Enters Launch Cycle0212102006-02-21 
· PPC-6600 Owners: Hack To (Sorta) Save The Day0144902006-02-19 
· Sprint Goes Blogging, Podcasting261902006-02-10 
· Discontinued Power Vision Devices & Modem NAI2306642006-02-10 
· Sprint Network Outage Tracker Exits Beta Phase077602006-02-07 
· Sprint Phones Section Updated2189752006-02-03 
· EMBARQ Leaves Lingering Questions...1246382.192006-02-02 
· Sprint Giving Away Ski Vacation046702006-01-30 
· JSR75: Your Phonebook. Delivered.0117302006-01-20 
· Sprint Phones Section Updated280402006-01-20 
· How-To: Secure Your Sprint Account from Record Theft0115002006-01-14 
· SPI Labs: Beta PPC-6600 (And PPC-6601) EV-DO Update (Updated)21348732006-01-13 
· Sprint RSS Feeds Lagging? (Updated)067502005-12-27 
· Coming Next Week to PCS Intel (Updated)6324152005-12-15 
· Introducing the Sprint Network Outages Tracker0169302005-12-10 
· Exising Customers Are Phone Buyers Too21249812005-12-09 
· Phones Section Updated299742005-12-09 
· Sprint Launches Employee Referral Program SERO (Updated 3 Times)3114753.662005-12-03 
· SPI Labs: Auditing of Ringerpost (Updated)3033331.82005-11-28 
· Pardon The Dust...067102005-11-28 
· Fight ESN Swap Fees: Cancel Service1265264.22005-11-26 
· Sprint Refreshes Developer Program Web Site-178112005-11-23 
· Vision Content Piracy: Not A Problem to Sprint?089412005-11-23 
· The PPC-6600 Update: Just The Facts7293232005-11-16 
· Sanyo 7500, Samsung A900, UTStarcom PC-5740 Launch Prices42571512005-11-12 
· Sprint Phones Section 2.0: Yes, You Really Can0119502005-11-10 
· Sprint Dumps Google for Vision Search187252005-11-09 
· PPC-6700/WM5 Bug: OBEX Requires Incoming Beam1167202005-10-28 
· Samsung MM-A940, Sanyo MM-9000 Product Pages Up6446632005-10-25 
· Sprint Phones Section 2.0 Beta (Updated)1212412005-10-13 
· Sprint: Stop The PPC-6700 Spam11544542005-10-09 
· Sprint: The Blog?1112002005-10-09 
· Why MediaFLO, DVB-H Are Doomed16260722005-10-06 
· Re-Branded PPC-6600 & PPC-67008260202005-10-06 
· Where Did All The Nokia(s) Go?4138202005-10-06 
· An iTunes Phone Without FOTA: Bad News for Apple1164912005-10-05 
· Power Vision - Vision 2.17602032005-09-20 
· ESRP Problems Rising?2129012005-09-20 
· EV-DO Price Plans... Or Lack Thereof (Updated)5247912005-09-20 
· Sprint TV Live Delivers MobiTV Content0158602005-09-05 
· Normal Operations Resume188702005-09-03 
· GPS Navigation, Turn-By-Turn, Only On Sprint16115314.52005-09-02 
· Day One084102005-09-02 
· More TV Ads1421802005-09-01 
· Affiliate Sales Offline167802005-09-01 
· Referral Plan Changes091402005-09-01 
· First Store Rebranding Pictures0231212005-09-01 
· Sprint Day 1 TV Ads Online2490602005-09-01 
· Sprint Releases Samsung A560, PM-A8400207642005-09-01 
· Sprint Launches New Web Site275302005-08-31 
· Sprint Store iDEN Launch Phones (Updated Again)10196652005-08-30 
· FOTA: SEBU's Panacea?7139302005-08-28 
· Current Phones, New Logo2148402005-08-27 
· Sprint, Nextel Ads Converge on Day 12121752005-08-24 
· Rebranding Night3129652005-08-16 
· Sprint: Fix FOTA9146102005-08-10 
· The Internal WiMax Battle: Sprint vs Nextel212951.52005-07-25 
· Major Phones Section Update Coming0109802005-07-22 
· Old Model Comebacks (Updated)10193402005-07-11 
· What SEBU Got Right (And Wrong, And What's Ahead)8299242005-07-01 
· RSS Readers... Update Your Feed Links...6112702005-06-23 
· PCS Intel6148602005-06-23 
· Sprint, Together With Nextel17290552005-06-23 
· Sprint Nextel Merger Branding Announcement Tomorrow8137152005-06-22 
· Sprint: Sanyo 9000: Evolution In Data, Or Yawn-In-Motion?81704732005-06-21 
· PCS Intel: Editors Wanted058702005-06-20 
· Sprint: LG VI-125 Firmware Update V112113802005-06-17 
· Sprint: Merlin S620 Released6187302005-06-16 
· Sprint: Treo 650 Updated - BT DUN Enabled (Updated)12288102005-06-16 
· Sprint: RIM BlackBerry 7250 Released5169842005-06-14 
· Sprint: RIM BlackBerry 7250 Nears Release7114002005-06-14 
· Sprint: Novatel Merlin S620 Data Card2139302005-06-13 
· Sprint: PM-225 & MM-8300 To Launch This Month748334.522005-06-13 
· Sprint Launches EV-DO Coverage Map Site (Updated Again)9340052005-06-13 
· Sprint + Nextel = Sprint215584.852005-06-13 
· Nokia Working With Apple on Series 60 Web Browser-166002005-06-13 
· 3D Gaming About To Take Off On Sprint361852005-06-12 
· Sprint: Samsung SPH-A92051713012005-06-12 
· The Third Site: Twin Mac07682.52005-06-09 
· New Wireless Store Items052652005-06-06 
· Sprint: EV-DO Launch Schedule (Updated)14102363.772005-06-06 
· Sprint: Picture (And Video) Mail Intercarrier Available20247552005-06-04 
· Sprint+Verizon: YABU 0.7.33057752005-06-03 
· Verizon Announces LBS for Q3176352005-06-03 
· Sprint PCS Info 2.0 Teaser7107732005-06-02 
· Sprint: PRL 10028 Released6205642005-06-01 
· PCS Intel47204.252005-05-30 
· Samsung Shows Off A880 By Mistake6285552005-05-27 
· RSS Update064152005-05-26 
· Spam Alert035452005-05-26 
· Wireless Store Launch041952005-05-24 
· Site Upgrade237652005-05-24 
· The Top 10 Things Sprint Could Do In A Business Day...07973.572005-05-22 
· Forum Update133652005-05-21 
· More SPI Supporter Options027652005-05-20 
· Cingular Raising The Bar On Being A Customer094532005-05-20 
· SPI Labs: PPC-6600 & Tiger094152005-05-19 
· Cingular: HP iPAQ h6300 Series Confirmed0130352005-05-18 
· Verizon Breaks Up Data Pricing, Launches Treo 650, Confirms i730099752005-05-16 
· Sprint: Samsung MM-A700 Firmware Updated144052005-05-13 
· Sprint: Samsung MM-A800 Released513134.52005-05-12 
· Microsoft ActiveSync 4.0 Released *Updated*7186852005-05-11 
· Sprint: Samsung PM-A8403254452005-05-10 
· Verizon: New PRLs053852005-05-10 
· AT&T;: The AT&T; Wireless Page147302005-05-08 
· Sprint+Verizon: YABU 0.7.32239502005-05-07 
· Sprint Phone Numbers Updated3326152005-05-06 
· Ericsson To Close U.S. CDMA Operations125502005-05-06 
· Wireless Store (Beta) Update135002005-05-06 
· Cingular: SMT5600 Released On Orange359502005-05-06 
· Sprint: Samsung MM-A800 Product Page Online219074.52005-05-06 
· Sprint: Making WiMax Exploration Official128002005-05-05 
· SPI Labs: More Progress on PPC-6600 & EV-DO813973.752005-05-03 
· Verizon Sets Treo 650 Launch Dates046702005-05-03 
· Sprint: AT&T; Mobility Services496212005-05-02 
· Sprint: PRL 10027 Released8121502005-05-02 
· Verizon: VX8000 Firmware Update Disables DUN422724.52005-05-01 
· Review: Mac OS X - 10.4 (Tiger)13224712005-04-29 
· Sprint: Online Store VeriSign SSP Expires *Updated*349102005-04-28 
· Cingular: Nokia Announces New UMTS Phones0182052005-04-27 
· Sprint: LG MM-535 Released *Updated*10148152005-04-26 
· Sprint: Sanyo VI-2300 Begins Release *Updated*3117452005-04-23 
· Sprint: Sanyo MM-8300 Pictures & Details2186233.882005-04-22 
· Sprint TV Goes Live with Fox News *Updated*1395052005-04-19 
· Sprint: Samsung i550 Released in China581352005-04-17 
· SPI Labs: PPC-6600 Unofficial EV-DO Update *Updated Again*41157494.142005-04-16 
· Sprint: EV-DO Goes Live Tomorrow *Updated*31462252005-04-14 
· More SPI Supporter Options030502005-04-12 
· Google Local Goes Beyond SMS684002005-04-12 
· Site Upgrade137102005-04-11 
· Sprint+Verizon: Unofficial 6600 Update Adds Windows Media Player 10 *Updated*7322952005-04-11 
· Reviews039712005-04-09 
· Sprint: LG PM-325 Firmware Updated *Updated*11419942005-04-07 
· Verizon: Treo 650 Coming Soon279602005-04-04 
· Sprint: Growell CF2031 Still For Sale664402005-04-04 
· Cingular Unifying, Raising Prepaid Prices1199832005-04-03 
· AT&T;+Cingular: Migration Lockdown2110202005-04-03 
· Firmware Trackers Updated145202005-04-02 
· Sprint: Samsung VI-A8209395852005-04-02 
· Sprint: Samsung VM-A680 Updated575602005-03-31 
· Cingular: Ogo Re-Released0108852005-03-31 
· Verizon Phone Numbers Updated1130812005-03-29 
· AT&T; Phone Numbers Updated034502005-03-29 
· Sprint: Sanyo SCP-200 Released *Updated 3 Times*8154832005-03-28 
· Sprint: LG VI-125 Released181852005-03-26 
· Sprint+Verizon: YABU 0.7.29130402005-03-26 
· More SPI Supporter Options133802005-03-26 
· Cinglar: Ogo Discontinued170424.222005-03-24 
· Sprint: Treo 650 Updater 1.084109102005-03-22 
· AT&T;+Cingular: Treo 650 Voicemail Updater 1.04276552005-03-22 
· Verizon: Treo 600 1.11 Update Released170352005-03-22 
· Sprint+Verizon: YABU 0.7.28245902005-03-20 
· Sprint Phone Numbers Updated096802005-03-20 
· Sprint LG MM-535 Product Page3109932005-03-20 
· Sprint: LG VI-125 Product Page384402005-03-18 
· Sprint: LG PM-325 Update In-Testing12164052005-03-17 
· Cracking The Qualcomm Easter Egg: Part 27157342005-03-17 
· Google X049402005-03-16 
· Sprint+Verizon: Samsung MM-A940 = SCH-A9705282102005-03-16 
· Sprint: LG PM-225561602005-03-16 
· Sprint: Sanyo MM-7400 Updated166202005-03-15 
· Cracking The Qualcomm Easter Egg: Part 1292052005-03-15 
· Sprint+Verizon: Motorola RAZR CDMA (PEBL & SLVR As Well)3394252005-03-15 
· Sprint Firmware Tracker Updated041302005-03-15 
· Cingular Firmware Tracker Updated127702005-03-15 
· Verizon Phone Numbers Updated028502005-03-15 
· Verizon: Amp'd Mobile MVNO1175872.852005-03-14 
· OTA Diagnostics: Empowering Technical Support041842005-03-14 
· Sprint: Sanyo VI-2300 Specifications3305002005-03-14 
· Sprint: Sanyo MM-5600 Blocking #7779195632005-03-13 
· Cingular: MEdia Net Portal Renovated0120612005-03-12 
· Cingular: SIM Unlock Group Changes1184202005-03-12 
· Introducing SPI Legal Defense Fund1058102005-03-11 
· Sprint: Sanyo MM-5600 Update In-Testing146602005-03-09 
· Cingular: MobiTV Adds Sony Ericsson Z500a Support15754.662005-03-09 
· Sprint Store Locator Added286602005-03-08 
· Sprint Issues Voice Mail Security Alert6105152005-03-07 
· Sprint: Motorola V60v May Be Headed To Retail380152005-03-07 
· Cingular Phone Numbers Updated041902005-03-06 
· EV-DV Put On-Hold By Qualcomm248152005-03-05 
· Sprint: Sanyo MM-5600 Goes On Sale23158632005-03-05 
· SPI Supporter Giveaway Two: Sony Ericsson T2376131032005-03-03 
· Sprint: AirCard 580 EV-DO Released4243252005-03-03 
· Sprint: WiMAX A Preliminary Go170542005-03-02 
· AT&T;: Text Message Email Change0122864.332005-03-01 
· Sprint: Samsung MM-A880 Specifications12238302005-02-28 
· Sprint: Samsung IP-A790 Improved & Released036402005-02-28 
· Sprint: PPC-6601 Firmware Updated5108902005-02-23 
· Sprint To Renovate Store Design7202942005-02-23 
· Sprint: PRL 10026 Released8219702005-02-22 
· Sprint Announces Samsung IP-A79015201132005-02-22 
· Verizon: America's Choice PRL 50261283002005-02-22 
· Thank You154202005-02-21 
· Cingular Phone Numbers Launched278102005-02-21 
· AT&T; Phone Numbers Updated043702005-02-21 
· Sprint: PPC-6600 Released15386752005-02-20 
· Cingular: Sony Ericsson S710a Cannot Enter URL In Browser3115002005-02-19 
· How to Make Your Wireless Carrier The Best1070452005-02-18 
· AT&T;: PPC4100 Updated0121002005-02-17 
· Verizon: XV6600WOC Firmware Updated0122202005-02-17 
· Cingular Going BREW?3116102005-02-16 
· Cingular: Siemens SX66 Firmware Update3182002005-02-15 
· Sprint: Sanyo To Release Device With Ogo's Core OS *Updated*9110802005-02-15 
· AT&T;: Store Locator Lives1900502005-02-14 
· Cingular+AT&T;: Sony Ericsson S710a Begins Release *Updated Again*398802005-02-14 
· Cingular: New Online Ordering For Business Customers087102005-02-14 
· Sprint Phone Deal Tracker Updated232702005-02-14 
· Verizon: VCast With Some Intelligence3177152005-02-13 
· SPI Supporter Giveaway One Results025302005-02-13 
· Series 60: Flashed450602005-02-12 
· PalmOne Treo 650 MIDP 2.0 Runtime Released041602005-02-11 
· T608: It Also Is A Tool!380102005-02-10 
· Sprint: The Year of Sanyo & The Sanyo 230018219252005-02-10 
· Sprint: Sanyo 83001627264.332005-02-10 
· Cingular To End Unlimited Consumer Data Option *Updated*881502005-02-10 
· AT&T;: BlackBerry 7100g Released0158902005-02-09 
· Cingular+AT&T;: Motorola MPx220 Software Update5839602005-02-04 
· Sprint: Samsung i550 Cancelled *Updated*44251362.812005-02-04 
· Sprint: Sanyo MM-7400 Update In-Testing078152005-02-03 
· Cingular Treo 650 Released438802005-02-02 
· Sprint: Treo 650 Roaming Patch3103802005-02-02 
· SPI Supporter Giveaway One226902005-02-01 
· Sprint: Audiovox PM-8912 Released1159142005-01-31 
· Sprint Joins WiMax Forum227652005-01-31 
· Apple Deploys Bluetooth 2.0026102005-01-31 
· Sprint: Samsung MM-A940 *Updated*13595242005-01-29 
· Sprint Deal Tracker Updated021002005-01-29 
· Microsoft to Power Sprint GPS *Updated*1823504.332005-01-29 
· AT&T;: Blue Customers Can Now Use Orange Phones8143802005-01-27 
· Cingular: Sony Ericsson Launches Disc2Phone170402005-01-27 
· Cingular: Treo 650 Bluetooth Hindered887342005-01-27 
· Cingular: MobiTV Now Supporting Motorola Phones161202005-01-27 
· Cingular+AT&T;: Nokia Releases Free N-Gage Game225202005-01-27 
· Fireware Trackers WAPed218802005-01-25 
· MobiTV Updated753302005-01-24 
· Sprint Deal Tracker Updated117902005-01-22 
· Sprint: The PM-325 Petitions Begin356902005-01-22 
· Sprint: VM4050 Returns... Again642102005-01-22 

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