Sprint: Fix FOTA
Date: Wednesday, August 10 @ 18:10:13 MDT
Topic: Sprint PCS

I do not rail against Sprint lightly, I only do so when people start standing still about something. To date, not one person in Sprint, even through media relations, will address why Sprint has not enabled FOTA in most phones that support it. This includes all Samsung phones released since the MM-A700, and all Sanyo phones released since the MM-7400.

These phones do not have an "Update Phone Software" option to allow the customer to check to see if an update is available for their phone. Originally, we were told the plan was that a customer would be able to call customer service, similar to a PRL update, to request such updates. However, no branch of customer service or technical support to-date has been given this option.

This is simply unacceptable, Sprint continues to approve updates to send to stores, yet customers are left spending hundreds of hours of their productive lives to drive to stores, wait for updates, and have to pick up the phone and hope that everything was done correctly. What's worse is that they promoted (falsely) their support for the FOTA support in these devices. This is not difficult to fix either, nobody can explain why you can't allocate a small set of CSRs to respond to FOTA-level issues until standard customer service tools can be updated to allow normal CSRs to issue FOTA requests.

Sprint, fix it. You said you supported these phones with FOTA, do what you said you would.

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