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  AT&T;: Blue Customers Can Now Use Orange Phones
Posted on Thursday, January 27 @ 21:48:35 MST by Christopher Price
  Cingular has begun to lax some restrictions on what customers can use what phones under the Cingular umbrella. Blue, formerly AT&T; Wireless customers can now use orange phones, even locked ones.

The process is not automatic though, you must email [email protected] with the following information:
Your Name:
Your Account Number:
Your Mobile Number:
Your Phone's IMEI:
Phone Make and Model:

The SIM Unlock Group will then give you instructions to unlock the phone. Of course, Blue customers are not able to obtain any discount, and must pay the full retail price for the phone.



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Re: AT&T;: Blue Customers Can Now Use Orange Phones (Score: 1)
by kalikidtx on Thursday, January 27 @ 22:59:01 MST
(User Info )
I cut and pasted the email address and receved an error message back from my email server, message undeliverable....can anyone else verify for me?




Re: AT&T;: Blue Customers Can Now Use Orange Phones (Score: 1)
by jimmysalg on Monday, January 31 @ 12:36:59 MST
(User Info )
wouldn't this theoretically mean that they can use their phone with ANY gsm carrier?


Re: AT&T;: Blue Customers Can Now Use Orange Phones (Score: 1)
by mlvnsmly on Saturday, February 12 @ 21:10:25 MST
(User Info )
Is this a mandatory process? I sold a cingular phone to an at&t; customer today and they could use the phone immediately to make and receive calls. It worked on two different models. Just wondering what was going on. thanks.


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