Wireless Backup Enters Launch Cycle
Date: Tuesday, February 21 @ 22:01:56 MST
Topic: Sprint PCS

As we previously reported, Sprint has been testing wireless contact backup technology using JSR75 technology. Now, they have begun to launch the first service supporting it. Sprint will be deploying Wireless Backup as a new feature in phones, and it may also be added to some existing devices via Firmware Over-The-Air. The service will cost $2/month and will forward information directly from the phone to Sprint's database. This can then be accessed online and synced from a PC, as well as be restored to a new or upgraded device.

Sprint phones with Wireless Backup can find the option in Menu > Settings > Wireless Backup, where users can also chose to subscribe to the service. This integration has been assisted by Core Mobility, the same external lab responsible for Ready Link and VoiceSMS, as well as key FOTA and DOTA network/handset elements.

However, Wireless Backup will not be deployed as a Java application. Third-parties that are interested will be able to leverage JSR75 to create their own competitors to Wireless Backup, presumably for devices other than the ones Sprint has chosen to support with built-in Wireless Backup.

Sprint Wireless Backup

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