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Stories Archive

Sprint PCS Info: August 2003

· Run Your Own HP Tests027602003-08-31 
· Content System Updated013402003-08-31 
· Sprint Store Tracker Updated016502003-08-31 
· Sprint PCS Firmware Tracker Updated024502003-08-31 
· Sprint Store Ratings System Note015002003-08-31 
· A620 Bugs Admitted to By Sprint035252003-08-31 
· Prototype T608 Owners/Testers034502003-08-30 
· Hammered020802003-08-30 
· Developing: T608 Release Info053152003-08-30 
· SprintUsers BANS Sprint PCS Info *Updated Again*078712003-08-29 
· T608 Release Date?06894.52003-08-28 
· Nokia 3585i Discontinued022402003-08-28 
· My Thought for The Day018002003-08-27 
· Sprint Phone Numbers Updated042402003-08-27 
· Sanyo 5400 FCC Approved027402003-08-27 
· Nokia 3588i Company Product Page021102003-08-27 
· Official T608 Confirmation!!082452003-08-26 
· T608 Petition Reaches 1700+ Signatures013702003-08-25 
· Firmware Upgrades OTA Coming Soon028702003-08-24 
· T608 News Reaches Tidalwave027952003-08-23 
· Add-a-phones No Longer Contract Free020402003-08-22 
· Do More With Less015902003-08-22 
· PRL 10020 *Updated Again*026402003-08-21 
· Vision RealOne Player Updated016402003-08-21 
· T606 & T608 Coming Soon Pages Updated026802003-08-21 
· PR Reps Give Two Different Answers *Updated*018302003-08-21 
· Phone Section Updated015902003-08-21 
· Sprint Store Tracker Updated017102003-08-21 
· CircuitSavings.com Under Reconstruction014302003-08-20 
· Good T608 News? You decide.028852003-08-20 
· Two New Phones *Updated Again*056502003-08-20 
· Samsung i700 Cancelled for Sprint047952003-08-20 
· Sprint PCS Launches Ruggedized Notebooks021402003-08-19 
· Sprint PCS Phone Numbers Section018302003-08-19 
· The Deal of The Day #2021502003-08-19 
· PCS Cam Driver Added015502003-08-19 
· Analysis: GSM The Next Titanic?025602003-08-18 
· Horizon PCS Files For Bankruptcy017294.662003-08-17 
· The Deal of The Day016602003-08-17 
· Phones Discontinued053302003-08-16 
· Sprint Store Tracker Updated016302003-08-16 
· Phone Section Launched015902003-08-15 
· Sprint Store Tracker Updated027202003-08-14 
· T608 Petition Reaches 1600+ Signatures015402003-08-14 
· Welcome to the new site!014802003-08-14 
· Firebird & This Site016002003-08-13 
· What a month...016702003-08-13 
· Coming Soon... Rate Your Local Store(s)014802003-08-11 
· Sprint Intranet Reveals Good News091352003-08-10 
· BLUETOOTH SPH-i500061802003-08-09 
· My New Phone... Another Sprint Failure Story050502003-08-09 
· T608 Petition Reaches 1500+ Signatures014102003-08-07 
· Sprint PCS Firmware Tracker Updated028852003-08-07 
· Slow News Day015202003-08-07 
· SonyEricsson Regains Seat In Top 5016402003-08-04 
· Metro PCS & T6060637912003-08-04 
· Sprint Enforcing Shady Terms046052003-08-04 

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