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Stories Archive

Sprint PCS Info: October 2004

· PPC-6601 Business Product Page Up0281042004-10-31 
· New T608 Rebate0155902004-10-30 
· Treo 650 360 Degree View Up0474152004-10-29 
· CTIA Fall Expo Debriefing0339202004-10-28 
· T608 HP Test (Finally) Available0107602004-10-28 
· Sanyo RL-4920 Firmware Updated086102004-10-28 
· Sprint About-Facing On Tethering?0187752004-10-27 
· The Green Sanyo PM-82000144752004-10-27 
· Samsung A800 *Updated*0132924.762004-10-25 
· CTIA: PPC-660X Announced0199002004-10-25 
· CTIA: Treo 650 Announced017253.752004-10-24 
· What Do YOU Want From CTIA Coverage?044702004-10-23 
· Sprint Begins Testing Phonecell SX5T029984.422004-10-20 
· Samsung MM-A700 Firmware Updated073852004-10-20 
· LG MM-535 Pictures0871152004-10-16 
· Sanyo 4920, Samsung A700 Updates In-Testing0163302004-10-14 
· Phone Numbers Updated *Updated Again*074402004-10-13 
· Network Map & You0215632004-10-10 
· PRL 10025 Released075702004-10-09 
· LG VI-5225 Discontinued0162242004-10-08 
· Review: Samsung SP-i6000147402004-10-03 
· Sprint Pulls Hitachi G1000 Again *Updated*095102004-10-01 

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