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Stories Archive

Sprint PCS Info: January 2004

· Toshiba/Audiovox 9550/VM4050 Released *Updated 3 Times*0142052004-01-31 
· RIM & Samsung Team Up on BlackBerry050602004-01-29 
· Sprint Showing Commitment to Automotive049202004-01-29 
· FAQ Updated040502004-01-29 
· Last Call for T608 Supply0158052004-01-29 
· Treo 600 Firmware Update Released078652004-01-28 
· DTD #19 & #20074102004-01-26 
· Phones Section Updated038402004-01-24 
· T608 Sold Out (Again) *Updated*094502004-01-22 
· Bandwidth Limit Exceeded (Again)093002004-01-20 
· When GSM Networks Collide: Cingular Makes Bid for AT&T;079252004-01-20 
· The Lineup0299642004-01-19 
· T608 Software Update Could Be Soon *Updated 3 Times*0171002004-01-18 
· Phone Numbers Updated056302004-01-17 
· Queefy's Tip Sheet042514.762004-01-14 
· Samsung A620/VGA1000 Firmware Update Nears Release012244.112004-01-12 
· Bitpim Now Supports Sanyo 4900/5300/8100 *Updated*0230452004-01-12 
· Samsung A700 Exposed0204424.242004-01-12 
· Phones Section Updated *Updated Again*089152004-01-12 
· LG VI5255 & Audiovox 8450/VI600 Unveiled087802004-01-12 
· Phone Numbers Updated042602004-01-11 
· T608 Back In-Stock?0178732004-01-09 
· Hitachi P300 Discontinued035602004-01-09 
· RL Updates Being Tested *Updated*045452004-01-08 
· Verizon Turns Up the Heat059102004-01-08 
· PPC 5050 To Support 1xEV-DO035702004-01-07 
· Blue Mobility Has T608 In-Stock *Updated Again*0114152004-01-06 
· SPI Cancels MacWorld Expo Coverage *Updated Again*017871.82004-01-04 
· Sanyo 7300 Uncovered044793.162004-01-04 
· Phone Numbers Updated043002004-01-03 

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