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Stories Archive

Sprint PCS Info: February 2005

· Sprint: Samsung MM-A880 Specifications0238302005-02-28 
· Sprint: Samsung IP-A790 Improved & Released036402005-02-28 
· Sprint: PPC-6601 Firmware Updated0108902005-02-23 
· Sprint To Renovate Store Design0202942005-02-23 
· Sprint: PRL 10026 Released0219702005-02-22 
· Sprint Announces Samsung IP-A7900201132005-02-22 
· Verizon: America's Choice PRL 50261083002005-02-22 
· Thank You054202005-02-21 
· Cingular Phone Numbers Launched078102005-02-21 
· AT&T; Phone Numbers Updated043702005-02-21 
· Sprint: PPC-6600 Released0386752005-02-20 
· Cingular: Sony Ericsson S710a Cannot Enter URL In Browser0115002005-02-19 
· How to Make Your Wireless Carrier The Best070452005-02-18 
· AT&T;: PPC4100 Updated0121002005-02-17 
· Verizon: XV6600WOC Firmware Updated0122202005-02-17 
· Cingular Going BREW?0116102005-02-16 
· Cingular: Siemens SX66 Firmware Update0182002005-02-15 
· Sprint: Sanyo To Release Device With Ogo's Core OS *Updated*0110802005-02-15 
· AT&T;: Store Locator Lives0900502005-02-14 
· Cingular+AT&T;: Sony Ericsson S710a Begins Release *Updated Again*098802005-02-14 
· Cingular: New Online Ordering For Business Customers087102005-02-14 
· Sprint Phone Deal Tracker Updated032702005-02-14 
· Verizon: VCast With Some Intelligence0177152005-02-13 
· SPI Supporter Giveaway One Results025302005-02-13 
· Series 60: Flashed050602005-02-12 
· PalmOne Treo 650 MIDP 2.0 Runtime Released041602005-02-11 
· T608: It Also Is A Tool!080102005-02-10 
· Sprint: The Year of Sanyo & The Sanyo 23000219252005-02-10 
· Sprint: Sanyo 8300027264.332005-02-10 
· Cingular To End Unlimited Consumer Data Option *Updated*081502005-02-10 
· AT&T;: BlackBerry 7100g Released0158902005-02-09 
· Cingular+AT&T;: Motorola MPx220 Software Update0839602005-02-04 
· Sprint: Samsung i550 Cancelled *Updated*0251362.812005-02-04 
· Sprint: Sanyo MM-7400 Update In-Testing078152005-02-03 
· Cingular Treo 650 Released038802005-02-02 
· Sprint: Treo 650 Roaming Patch0103802005-02-02 
· SPI Supporter Giveaway One026902005-02-01 

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