Where Did All The Nokia(s) Go?
Date: Thursday, October 06 @ 04:12:08 MDT
Topic: Sprint PCS

On a related note to the impending launch of the VI-3155i, we get a lot of emails asking why there are not any high-end Nokia phones on Sprint. This is because Nokia does not yet have their own EV-DO chipset, and Nokia does not use Qualcomm chipsets (instead cutting costs by licensing the technology from Qualcomm then developing their own chipset).

Sprint is aiming away from the MM-class and thus the feature set of a high-end phone such as the 6565i would not fit well in a lineup about to be saturated by EV-DO phones. We're not saying it's impossible and won't happen, that's just the reason why Nokia is tending to stick to the low-to-mid range in the Sprint lineup currently.

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