PPC-6600 Owners: Hack To (Sorta) Save The Day
Date: Sunday, February 19 @ 22:28:07 MST
Topic: Sprint PCS

If you're a PPC-6600 series owner, you're probably pretty ticked that Sprint has been promising EV-DO, only to drop it this week. But, we do have something that may keep you from paying $650 for a (ugly?) PPC-6700.

On the Sprint Phones Section over at the now-open-for-editing PCS Intel Knoweldge Base, we have added a quick registry edit that will enable the PPC-6600 to connect to another Bluetooth phone to be used as a modem.

With this hack, you can tether the PPC-6600, to, say, a Samsung MM-A900 or MM-A940 via Bluetooth. Of course, if Sprint has you down (and there's no reason for you not to be down), you can take your service to another carrier and hook the PPC-6600 up with EDGE, UMTS, or Verizon EV-DO when your contract goes kaput.

HTC/UTStarcom Page @ Sprint Phones Section

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