JSR75: Your Phonebook. Delivered.
Date: Friday, January 20 @ 16:33:23 MST
Topic: Sprint PCS

As we have covered in the past, Sprint is all about standards. But, one key advantage that BREW has had over J2ME is in its ability to deliver robust yet simple sync offerings. But, Sprint has been working for the past couple of years to finally reach the point of leveling that playing field.

Part of Sprint's MIDP 2.0 extensions include full support for JSR75, which allows for direct access to the PIM functionality of the device. JSR75 will allow for third-party, and eventually first-party applications to allow for contact synchronization. Prototype versions of Sprint Business Connection Java applications are currently in-development that will allow for Outlook (or the Business Connection web site, as well as possibly in the future Sprint.com MyPCS) to sync directly with an MIDP 2 Sprint phone's contacts, calendar, and to-do lists.

Similar to GPS services, the timeframe is a matter of when all the pieces to the puzzle fall in place, however, unlike GPS, there are no hold-back timeframes either (GPS was delayed to launch on Day One of the Sprint Nextel merger). Presumably, JSR75 will launch on Sprint phones later this year.

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