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Stories Archive

Sprint PCS Info: May 2004

· BitPim Updated... Again048802004-05-29 
· Sanyo RL-4920 Released072502004-05-29 
· PRL 10024 Released0153642004-05-27 
· Mac OS X 10.3.4 Released *Updated*0106802004-05-26 
· A View To A Sprint016634.432004-05-24 
· Sanyo RL-4920 Sprint Product Page Up0114752004-05-24 
· New Digital Coverage Maps, New PRL Soon0195802004-05-23 
· LG VI-5225 Released024742.62004-05-23 
· Motorola V60v On-Sale, LG VI-5225 Soon *Updated Again*0587952004-05-19 
· Sanyo 5500 Firmware Updated, A660 May Also0305642004-05-18 
· AT&T; To Become MVNO With Sprint *Updated*026013.332004-05-18 
· BitPim Major Update0125402004-05-17 
· Recognition for Your Support031212004-05-16 
· Samsung A700 Approved By The FCC *Updated*0802732004-05-14 
· Treo 600 Firmware Updated050002004-05-14 
· Sprint Posts RL-4920 Online0101642004-05-13 
· Phones Section Updated025502004-05-12 
· The Sanyo 5500/VM4500 Recall071904.332004-05-12 
· 7 PM Night & Weekend Enhancement?067652004-05-10 
· Email Troubles036502004-05-07 
· G1000 Replacement Stylus Available For Order072902004-05-06 
· Apple: BSD Required for BT052302004-05-06 
· *4 Now Free010513.662004-05-05 
· G1000 WM2003 Upgrade Goes From 'If' to 'When' *Updated*0130952004-05-03 
· Upgrade Program Tweaked010334.82004-05-03 
· BitPim Updated, BitFling Released064002004-05-01 
· 24 Hours To New Plans... Fair & Flexible023994.142004-05-01 

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