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Stories Archive

Sprint PCS Info: March 2005

· Sprint: Samsung VM-A680 Updated075602005-03-31 
· Cingular: Ogo Re-Released0108852005-03-31 
· Verizon Phone Numbers Updated0130812005-03-29 
· AT&T; Phone Numbers Updated034502005-03-29 
· Sprint: Sanyo SCP-200 Released *Updated 3 Times*0154832005-03-28 
· Sprint: LG VI-125 Released081852005-03-26 
· Sprint+Verizon: YABU 0.7.29030402005-03-26 
· More SPI Supporter Options033802005-03-26 
· Cinglar: Ogo Discontinued070424.222005-03-24 
· Sprint: Treo 650 Updater 1.080109102005-03-22 
· AT&T;+Cingular: Treo 650 Voicemail Updater 1.04076552005-03-22 
· Verizon: Treo 600 1.11 Update Released070352005-03-22 
· Sprint+Verizon: YABU 0.7.28045902005-03-20 
· Sprint Phone Numbers Updated096802005-03-20 
· Sprint LG MM-535 Product Page0109932005-03-20 
· Sprint: LG VI-125 Product Page084402005-03-18 
· Sprint: LG PM-325 Update In-Testing0164052005-03-17 
· Cracking The Qualcomm Easter Egg: Part 20157342005-03-17 
· Google X049402005-03-16 
· Sprint+Verizon: Samsung MM-A940 = SCH-A9700282102005-03-16 
· Sprint: LG PM-225061602005-03-16 
· Sprint: Sanyo MM-7400 Updated066202005-03-15 
· Cracking The Qualcomm Easter Egg: Part 1092052005-03-15 
· Sprint+Verizon: Motorola RAZR CDMA (PEBL & SLVR As Well)0394252005-03-15 
· Sprint Firmware Tracker Updated041302005-03-15 
· Cingular Firmware Tracker Updated027702005-03-15 
· Verizon Phone Numbers Updated028502005-03-15 
· Verizon: Amp'd Mobile MVNO0175872.852005-03-14 
· OTA Diagnostics: Empowering Technical Support041842005-03-14 
· Sprint: Sanyo VI-2300 Specifications0305002005-03-14 
· Sprint: Sanyo MM-5600 Blocking #7770195632005-03-13 
· Cingular: MEdia Net Portal Renovated0120612005-03-12 
· Cingular: SIM Unlock Group Changes0184202005-03-12 
· Introducing SPI Legal Defense Fund058102005-03-11 
· Sprint: Sanyo MM-5600 Update In-Testing046602005-03-09 
· Cingular: MobiTV Adds Sony Ericsson Z500a Support05754.662005-03-09 
· Sprint Store Locator Added086602005-03-08 
· Sprint Issues Voice Mail Security Alert0105152005-03-07 
· Sprint: Motorola V60v May Be Headed To Retail080152005-03-07 
· Cingular Phone Numbers Updated041902005-03-06 
· EV-DV Put On-Hold By Qualcomm048152005-03-05 
· Sprint: Sanyo MM-5600 Goes On Sale0158632005-03-05 
· SPI Supporter Giveaway Two: Sony Ericsson T2370131032005-03-03 
· Sprint: AirCard 580 EV-DO Released0243252005-03-03 
· Sprint: WiMAX A Preliminary Go070542005-03-02 
· AT&T;: Text Message Email Change0122864.332005-03-01 

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