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Stories Archive

Sprint PCS Info: August 2004

· Sanyo 5500/VM4500, RL-7300 Updated0176302004-08-31 
· Phone Numbers Updated044102004-08-29 
· MM-7400, MM-535, PM-325 Specifications062084.832004-08-29 
· Sprint Rebuilding Online ESN Swap? *Updated*0152332004-08-27 
· Hitachi G1000 Discontinued *Updated*056102004-08-27 
· Sanyo 5500/VM4500 Update In-Testing099142004-08-26 
· Firmware Updates: RL-4920, VI-5225, i500099502004-08-26 
· ApGap, SendNote Back Online025802004-08-26 
· Sprint Certifies Apple for 3GPP024802004-08-26 
· YABU 0.7.16018602004-08-25 
· Hitachi: Back In 3G Action062102004-08-25 
· Best Buy's Bait-And-Switch *Updated*0232242004-08-22 
· Europe Gets EV-DO068432004-08-19 
· Sprint Announces BlackBerry077052004-08-16 
· Nokia 3205 Launched042652004-08-14 
· Hurricane Charley Coverage... Brought To You By Sprint025602004-08-13 
· Sprint TV Channel Lineup0148752004-08-13 
· Sprint Launches Samsung MM-A700, New Vision Packs, Sprint TV0157452004-08-13 
· iSync 1.5 Released0154402004-08-12 
· Sprint Promises Businesses With Guarantees On Network036702004-08-09 
· Firmware Tracker Updated0135602004-08-09 
· Sprint Un-Kills VM4050078002004-08-08 
· SonyEricsson "Covers Up" T6080209742004-08-08 
· YABU 0.7.15021502004-08-07 
· Forsee On Wrong Course022784.172004-08-04 

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