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Stories Archive

Sprint PCS Info: March 2004

· UbiquiTel Concedes Being Overridden0175452004-03-31 
· AirPrime PC3300 Released058152004-03-30 
· Phones Section Updated (Again)036002004-03-29 
· V710 Giveaway Mentions Sprint0136802004-03-28 
· ActiveSync Updated032202004-03-27 
· Yet Another Potential Sprint Video Phone045342004-03-27 
· Audiovox Unveils CDM-8920 Megapixel Phone for Sprint052342004-03-27 
· HP iPAQ h2210/h2215 Firmware Update046402004-03-27 
· HP Tests May Soon Test Analog Functions017202004-03-27 
· Phones Section Updated020602004-03-27 
· Guide To Getting A VM4050 From Costco To Work057052004-03-25 
· CTIA: Nokia 6225 Released, Then Not Released, Then Is Released *Updated*04274.662004-03-25 
· Know Your MSL? Your Warranty Is Now Void. *Updated Again*050653.222004-03-24 
· CTIA: Samsung Shows i505 & 1xEV-DV055602004-03-24 
· CTIA: Nokia Shows Off New CDMA Phones, Standards090702004-03-24 
· CTIA: Motorola V60v & V710 Shown065802004-03-24 
· CTIA Coverage Begins... With Series 60 on CDMA017802004-03-24 
· Sanyo 8100 1.116SP Firmware Released044832004-03-24 
· FAQ Updated022602004-03-24 
· Sprintpcs.com Samsung A680 Page Up037502004-03-23 
· Toshiba VM4050 Showing Up At Costco084152004-03-23 
· BitPim Enables Jar/Jad Extraction on Samsung A6200184652004-03-23 
· T608 Rebate Update060102004-03-23 
· Why The VM4050 Is Not Getting Programs0163152004-03-19 
· Sprint PRL Update Petition Launched0103302004-03-19 
· Phone Numbers Updated023602004-03-18 
· Curitel/Sprint 8450/VI600 Released *Updated*036902004-03-16 
· BitPim Update030802004-03-15 
· Tip: Easier Way to Check PCS Mail098812004-03-15 
· Curitel/Sprint 8450/VI600 Sprintpcs.com Flash Demo057252004-03-13 
· SPI Delivers T608/SE Wap Page Workaround058402004-03-09 
· Nokia 6225 User Guide Posted047612004-03-08 
· Site Maintence015802004-03-07 
· Nokia 6225 Official Price Confirmed03204.52004-03-07 
· Two New Forums018352004-03-05 
· T606: Finally, Finally Dead0141602004-03-03 
· Keep The News Coming028702004-03-03 
· Froogle Gets Waped029302004-03-03 
· Deal of The Day - SDIO WiFi Card $680123002004-03-02 
· Qwest Launches MVNO... With V60x!093002004-03-02 
· Bitpim Updated062002004-03-01 
· V710 Adds Flash Memory Support079802004-03-01 

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