Fight ESN Swap Fees: Cancel Service
Date: Saturday, November 26 @ 19:44:05 MST
Topic: Sprint PCS

ESN Swap fees. Savvy customers generally think they are the most evil creation ever by a AMPS/TDMA/CDMA-based carrier. Not only does the ESN system present a much less elegant solution to replacing handsets than the SIM/R-UIM card, but, it also allows for draconian fees to be attached to personal choice of handsets.

There's only one effective way to fight back against this system; create churn. Specifically, by canceling service. While this does seem drastic, one of the only ways carriers evaluate if these fees should remain is if outrage forms or not. One of the best ways to demonstrate against it is to use Sprint's terms to cancel service without paying the early termination fee.

The new ESN swap program creates a material change wherein Sprint has re-defined a handset change to a new device to be an upgrade, followed by an $18 fee of course. Because of this, as has been reported, you have 14 days from your next bill to cancel service and not pay an ETF. Yes, many in customer care will argue, or try to say they will waive the "activation fee" fee (even though they can't waive the fee fully for your duration of contract). Don't listen, ask to be transferred to cancellations, and escalate there if they refuse.

If everyone under contract (or not) reading this site chose to cancel service, the loss in revenue generated would be enough to cause Sprint to reconsider this move. An ESN should be as transparent as a SIM, and customers should not be penalized because their carrier of choice does not use SIMs.

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