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Stories Archive

Sprint PCS Info: January 2005

· Sprint: Audiovox PM-8912 Released0159142005-01-31 
· Sprint Joins WiMax Forum027652005-01-31 
· Apple Deploys Bluetooth 2.0026102005-01-31 
· Sprint: Samsung MM-A940 *Updated*0595242005-01-29 
· Sprint Deal Tracker Updated021002005-01-29 
· Microsoft to Power Sprint GPS *Updated*023504.332005-01-29 
· AT&T;: Blue Customers Can Now Use Orange Phones0143802005-01-27 
· Cingular: Sony Ericsson Launches Disc2Phone070402005-01-27 
· Cingular: Treo 650 Bluetooth Hindered087342005-01-27 
· Cingular: MobiTV Now Supporting Motorola Phones061202005-01-27 
· Cingular+AT&T;: Nokia Releases Free N-Gage Game025202005-01-27 
· Fireware Trackers WAPed018802005-01-25 
· MobiTV Updated053302005-01-24 
· Sprint Deal Tracker Updated017902005-01-22 
· Sprint: The PM-325 Petitions Begin056902005-01-22 
· Sprint: VM4050 Returns... Again042102005-01-22 
· Sprint: $5 Off $20 Accessory Purchase for Logging Into MyPCS *Updated*025302005-01-22 
· Verizon Announces Samsung SCH-A890061702005-01-20 
· Verizon: LG VX8000 Manual Posted0154152005-01-20 
· Sprint: LG VI-125 Specifications0109702005-01-20 
· Sprint: Sanyo MM-5600 To Include USB Cable0168352005-01-20 
· Cingular + AT&T;: Nokia 6230, 6620 Updated041702005-01-18 
· Alltel Closes Case On New Verizon Suit Over V710037634.782005-01-18 
· Sprint PCS Info: More Than Sprint069002005-01-17 
· Use Your Ogo As A Wireless Modem *Updated*098502005-01-17 
· Cingular: CingularMe.com044202005-01-17 
· Cingular: Siemens SX66 Released038602005-01-17 
· Cingular+AT&T;: Motorola Triplets Firmware Updated052202005-01-17 
· Cingular+AT&T;: Nokia 6620 Firmware Updated044502005-01-17 
· Cingular: Sony Ericsson Z500a Released021202005-01-17 
· AT&T;: Confirmation: Blue V3 + V551 & Treo 650063402005-01-17 
· Cingular: 3G Rollout Plan Explained020502005-01-17 
· Cingular: Audiovox SMT5600 Headed To Cingular026202005-01-17 
· AT&T;: V3 RAZR... Goes Blue?0462932005-01-17 
· AT&T;: Online Store Returns043602005-01-17 
· AT&T;: MPx220 Released to Blue Customers024202005-01-17 
· Cingular+AT&T;: Day 1010302005-01-17 
· AT&T;: Deal Alert: Ogo - $19.99 After Rebate015102005-01-17 
· Cingular+AT&T;: Even More New Merger Info010402005-01-17 
· AT&T;: AT&T; To Corporate Discount Customers: Be Patient + New Merger Info027102005-01-17 
· Cingular: GAIT Phones Now Compatible With GSM Plans021502005-01-17 
· AT&T;+Cingular: Cingular Lies. Is It A Surprise?019702005-01-17 
· CTIA: Execution Day09902005-01-17 
· Cingular+AT&T;: Department of Justice Approves Merger09602005-01-17 
· CTIA: SonyEricsson Announces Low-End Phone09402005-01-17 
· CTIA: Sony Ericsson GC89 Announced014102005-01-17 
· CTIA: Treo 650 Announced, EDGE Confirmed011702005-01-17 
· Cingular+AT&T;: FCC Approves AT&T; Wireless Merger Plan05902005-01-17 
· AT&T;: Motorola A845 Firmware Updated024102005-01-17 
· AT&T;: AT&T; Launches Audiovox SMT5600010102005-01-17 
· AT&T;: AT&T; Launches mMode Music Store09302005-01-17 
· Cingular: Motorola A630 Nears Launch032002005-01-17 
· Cingular: Cingular Launches Nokia 623008402005-01-17 
· Cingular: Siemens SX6607402005-01-17 
· AT&T;: Ogo...014602005-01-17 
· AT&T;: AT&T; Preps Low-End MS Smartphone010102005-01-17 
· AT&T;: MPx220 Nears Launch *Updated*011602005-01-17 
· AT&T;: GSM Handset Upgrades Available Online09402005-01-17 
· AT&T;: New Rebate Details Upcoming AT&T; Phones013002005-01-17 
· AT&T;+Cingular: Nokia 6010 Released *Updated*010602005-01-17 
· AT&T;: AT&T; Wireless Expands UMTS Coverage010702005-01-17 
· AT&T;+Cingular: Cingular to Temporarily Use AT&T; Brand Post-Merger010602005-01-17 
· AT&T;: SonyEricsson Updates GC82 & GC83018002005-01-17 
· AT&T;: Motorola A845 Clone?013702005-01-17 
· Cingular: Cingular Launches V600 Recall016402005-01-17 
· Cingular+AT&T;: SonyEricsson To Offer Firmware Updates Via PC06702005-01-17 
· AT&T;: Nokia 6620 Released011602005-01-17 
· Cingular: Cingular Discontinues Motorola V600024102005-01-17 
· AT&T;: Deal Alert: Treo 600 $149.99 After New Activation Rebate09002005-01-17 
· AT&T;: Unlimited mMode For Everyone011102005-01-17 
· AT&T;: AT&T; Launches UMTS09202005-01-17 
· AT&T;: SonyEricsson GC83 Released011602005-01-17 
· AT&T;: AT&T; To (Finally) Go Unlimited Data For Cheap011302005-01-17 
· AT&T;: UMTS SF Launch Area Map09002005-01-17 
· AT&T;: Motorola V600 Firmware Update063002005-01-17 
· AT&T;: Data Roaming In U.S. Now Free011602005-01-17 
· AT&T;: AT&T; Releases Audiovox 4100 PDA/Phone011502005-01-17 
· AT&T;: AT&T; Wireless Releases Nokia 3595IM & 6200IM011602005-01-17 
· AT&T;: Audiovox 4100 Unveiled014202005-01-17 
· AT&T;: GSM America: Clarity You Hear About, Just Don't See012902005-01-17 
· AT&T;: Inside AT&T;'s Customer Service Woes06202005-01-17 
· AT&T;: New Roaming-Free Nationwide Plans07602005-01-17 
· AT&T;: Free2Go Rate Improvements015102005-01-17 
· AT&T;: Siemens S46, SonyEricsson T62u Discontinued07002005-01-17 
· AT&T;: V600 Trickling To Stores07902005-01-17 
· AT&T;: T68i > T226 > T616?!07702005-01-17 
· AT&T;: SonyEricsson Unveils T637 & Z500 *Updated*07902005-01-17 
· AT&T;: AT&T; Launches Conditional Call Forwarding016002005-01-17 
· AT&T;: AT&T; Wireless... Powered By Sprint PCS?07102005-01-17 
· AT&T;: AT&T; Gives GAIT Another Push05302005-01-17 
· AT&T;: Trial Upgrade Program for 1900 MHz-Only Phones Launched05802005-01-17 
· Verizon: LG VX-8000 to Launch This Month, VX-4700 Next Month073052005-01-17 
· Verizon: Verizon Expands EV-DO025902005-01-17 
· Verizon: EV-DO In Chicago017102005-01-17 
· Verizon: Audiovox XV6600 Begins Release061702005-01-17 
· Verizon: PRLs Updated & EV-DO PRL Improvement021702005-01-17 
· Verizon: Verizon Simplifies Data, Matches Sprint012202005-01-17 
· Verizon: PRLs Updated011402005-01-17 
· Verizon: Amazon Picks Up Verizon010002005-01-17 
· Verizon: Motorola V265 Released *Updated*013602005-01-17 
· Verizon: PPC-6600 = XV6600012002005-01-17 
· Verizon: Kyocera Battery Recall012202005-01-17 
· Verizon: Verizon Launches CDM-990009302005-01-17 
· Verizon: America's Choice PRL 5020308702005-01-17 
· Verizon: Verizon Launches EV-DO In 11 Cities, Handset Delay Confirmed09402005-01-17 
· Verizon: VZW Delays EV-DO In California, Possibly Nationwide011602005-01-17 
· Verizon: Verizon (Finally) Releases World Phone08902005-01-17 
· Verizon: Motorola V60s Updated012302005-01-17 
· Verizon: Verizon To Land At Best Buy08002005-01-17 
· Verizon: "In" Extended To All Lines On Family Plans08502005-01-17 
· Verizon: PocketMac Brings Blackberry In-Sync With Macintosh012002005-01-17 
· Verizon: iSync 1.5 Supports Motorola V710018902005-01-17 
· Verizon: BitPim015202005-01-17 
· Verizon: Motorola V710 Launches Online *Updated*08802005-01-17 
· Verizon: Camera-less Treo 600 Now Available08702005-01-17 
· Verizon: Motorola V710 Arriving At Radio Shack09602005-01-17 
· Verizon: EV-DO Lands In Vegas07502005-01-17 
· Verizon: Treo 600 Hits VZW Online Store05602005-01-17 
· Verizon: Samsung i600 & i700 WM2003 Upgrades Released07602005-01-17 
· Phones Section Updated029242005-01-15 
· Sanyo 9000052982.52005-01-15 
· Deal Tracker Updated *Updated*018002005-01-14 
· In Celebration of MacWorld034102005-01-14 
· Samsung MM-A700 Updated052642005-01-13 
· Samsung i600 Updated034702005-01-13 
· BlackBerry 7750 Updated049002005-01-13 
· Treo 650 Bluetooth Update076602005-01-13 
· MacWorld Keynote Coverage0301802005-01-11 
· Live MacWorld Coverage...015902005-01-11 
· Firmware Tracker Updated021702005-01-10 
· Sprint Starts Building Own Firmware Tracker023902005-01-10 
· The (New) Media & Apple0143652005-01-09 
· Sanyo 7400 Confusing on Picture Mail? Or Just a Bug That'll Cost You?0104452005-01-08 
· Microsoft ActiveSync Updated014302005-01-08 
· Sprint Deal Tracker Updated *Updated*015502005-01-08 
· (Early) MacWorld Coverage Begins *Updated*026402005-01-07 
· FOTA Implemented - LG PM-325 V17079152005-01-07 
· Sprint Announces Firmware Over-The-Air011434.52005-01-06 
· Deal Tracker Renovated011802005-01-06 
· Sprint Begins Firmware Testing Samsung A8000107052005-01-04 
· New Samsung A800 Details Emerge039052005-01-04 
· Sprint Cir*****venting Grandfathered Downloads0105442005-01-02 
· LockLine Changes Take Full Effect014913.662005-01-01 

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