Sprint PCS Info http://www.sprintpcsinfo.com SprintPCSInfo.com Newsfeed en-us Notice: Feed Discontinued, Update Your URLs http://www.sprintpcsinfo.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1062 This feed is outdated, please go to <a href="http://www.pcsintel.com">PCS Intel</a> to update your feed URLs. Sorry for The Delays... http://www.sprintpcsinfo.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1061 We'd like to take a moment to apologize for the continued delays. We've spent dozens of hours in the past week moving software, and we're once again hit by PCS Intel being "too big" for Mambo. We've been forced to put our priorities completely out of order... we're still shocked everything can be considered "working". Please bear with us for the next day or two while we wrap up everything being worked on. Format Change http://www.sprintpcsinfo.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1060 Starting this week, Sprint PCS Info will no longer be reporting news as an independent source. We have decided that <a href="http://www.pcsintel.com">PCS Intel</a> is best suited to handle the tasks of reporting and content solely. The demand for two sites has decreased even more with the launch of our <a href="http://kb.pcsintel.com">Knowledge Base</a>, and we expect that viewers will find it. <br /><br /> Sprint PCS Info will return as the personal blog of your humble editor-in-chief. As Sprint has started to pontificate about mobility online, I'll be pontificating about things that matter to you. By moving all reporting to PCS Intel, we think you'll find it easier to read just one site if you want, or both if you still want to. <br /><br /> Sprint PCS Info "3.0" will launch over the weekend. We're hard at work moving Sprint PCS Info content to PCS Intel right now. Take The Call With EV-DO Active (Updated) http://www.sprintpcsinfo.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1058 <b>Update:</b> We should caution that this is not sanctioned by Sprint. DDTM/DOTM is enabled on default on all Sprint phones. In addition, the PPC-6700 2.06 firmware update released this week intentionally turns DDTM back on as the initial firmware was not DDTM-enabled. Sprint does not assure the ability to get an incoming call even though with DDTM/DOTM disabled you can, and thus you may experience bugs and at times may not get calls in a data session even with this feature enabled. Also, future services from Sprint such as DOTA and push-email may require DDTM/DOTM to be re-enabled. <br /><br /> One of the features of EV-DO is that it finally allows for incoming call sensing. This allows users to be notified and accept an incoming call even when they are using data on the device. 1xRTT, Vision, lacked this support as Sprint opted to not deploy Release A, a network upgrade that would have added support for the feature. <br /><br /> However, Sprint customers have been baffled as to how to do this. Verizon EV-DO phones have been able to receive incoming calls without problem while Sprint phones refuse to ring when data is in use. We now have the solution, and it is posted in Sanyo, HTC, and Samsung pages of our Sprint Phones Section, all it takes is navigating through a few menus. <br /><br /> <b><a href="http://kb.pcsintel.com/index.php?title=Sprint_Phones_Section">Sprint Phones Section</b></a> Sprint Launches Sports Mobile With MM API http://www.sprintpcsinfo.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1057 Sprint last week quietly placed on their web site their new Sports Mobile application. The Java app is available for many MM-class Sprint phones, and is free to download (from Downloads > Applications on the Vision home page). Of interest, the application is one of the first of many that leverages multimedia APIs in Sprint phones to deliver streaming video playback above and beyond previous offerings such as MobiTV. <br /><br /> The application will also serve as a test-type for future deployment of Sprint's cable-company partnership offerings. New Opera Mini Beta for Sprint Phones http://www.sprintpcsinfo.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1054 Opera has resumed releasing beta builds of their popular J2ME browser for Sprint phones. These releases add improved stability and added support for newer Sprint phones. However, we should caution that these are beta releases and may not work as well as the current stable release (available at <a href="http://mini.opera.com" target="_blank">mini.opera.com</a>). <br /><br /> To download the latest beta build (currently at version 1.2.3214), go to http://mini.opera.com/sprint on your Sprint phone, and follow the instructions for installation there. <br /><br /> If you encounter issues with the current beta, please <a href="http://people.opera.com/jo/detect" target="_blank">report them</a> to Opera. Yes, We're Back http://www.sprintpcsinfo.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1053 Sprint PCS Info is back online, we believe we have patched the security holes that took down PCS Intel earlier this week. We do plan to transition Sprint PCS Info to the same software that will power PCS Intel after it re-opens within the next week. Until then, enjoy all your favorite Sprint coverage here. Sprint Referral Program Re-Launch http://www.sprintpcsinfo.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1052 Sprint this week re-launched their Referral Rewards program, making some major changes to it. The largest change is that existing customers cannot tell Sprint that a new customer was referred to Sprint. Here are the details: <br /><br /> �Ä¢¬�Payments are now made via Sprint Visa debit cards<br /> �Ä¢¬�Referral rate is $25 across Nextel and Sprint lines<br /> �Ä¢¬�iDEN and CDMA are not factors, the referral counts either way<br /> �Ä¢¬�You can now refer up to 12 people per year (unlike the previous one-per-month)<br /> �Ä¢ Customers must report being referred by someone at a store or by #REF within 15 days of service activation<br /> <br /> These changes will plug most loopholes and abuse that affected the referral program. In its early days, the program was known for allowing customers to guess new PCS numbers, and then gain an unlimited number of credits. The MM-A900 White Screen of Death http://www.sprintpcsinfo.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1051 If you've been reading recently, you may have heard that firmware ZB12 for the Samsung MM-A900 can render screens with what is being referred to as a "White Screen of Death" (WSOD). Until now, the solution has been to take it to a Sprint Store and have them install the older (ZA06) fimware to the device. <br /> <br /> Today, Sprint has issued firmware ZB12 to stores (for some reason, Sprint always waits to issue firmwares to stores, despite making them available to the public via FOTA). Sprint has made stores aware of the issue, and should you encounter the WSOD, simply take it to a Sprint Store for a re-install of the firmware. Sprint Resolves DMCA Complaint Against PCS Intel http://www.sprintpcsinfo.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1049 We are happy to report that we have resolved the issue with Sprint and PCS Intel. Sprint has withdrawn their DMCA notice filed against us today. Their complaint stemmed from information posted about Family Locator. We have modified our article to make it clear that Family Locator has not launched.