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Stories Archive

Sprint PCS Info: May 2005

· PCS Intel07204.252005-05-30 
· Samsung Shows Off A880 By Mistake0285552005-05-27 
· RSS Update064152005-05-26 
· Spam Alert035452005-05-26 
· Wireless Store Launch041952005-05-24 
· Site Upgrade037652005-05-24 
· The Top 10 Things Sprint Could Do In A Business Day...07973.572005-05-22 
· Forum Update033652005-05-21 
· More SPI Supporter Options027652005-05-20 
· Cingular Raising The Bar On Being A Customer094532005-05-20 
· SPI Labs: PPC-6600 & Tiger094152005-05-19 
· Cingular: HP iPAQ h6300 Series Confirmed0130352005-05-18 
· Verizon Breaks Up Data Pricing, Launches Treo 650, Confirms i730099752005-05-16 
· Sprint: Samsung MM-A700 Firmware Updated044052005-05-13 
· Sprint: Samsung MM-A800 Released013134.52005-05-12 
· Microsoft ActiveSync 4.0 Released *Updated*0186852005-05-11 
· Sprint: Samsung PM-A8400254452005-05-10 
· Verizon: New PRLs053852005-05-10 
· AT&T;: The AT&T; Wireless Page047302005-05-08 
· Sprint+Verizon: YABU 0.7.32039502005-05-07 
· Sprint Phone Numbers Updated0326152005-05-06 
· Ericsson To Close U.S. CDMA Operations025502005-05-06 
· Wireless Store (Beta) Update035002005-05-06 
· Cingular: SMT5600 Released On Orange059502005-05-06 
· Sprint: Samsung MM-A800 Product Page Online019074.52005-05-06 
· Sprint: Making WiMax Exploration Official028002005-05-05 
· SPI Labs: More Progress on PPC-6600 & EV-DO013973.752005-05-03 
· Verizon Sets Treo 650 Launch Dates046702005-05-03 
· Sprint: AT&T; Mobility Services096212005-05-02 
· Sprint: PRL 10027 Released0121502005-05-02 
· Verizon: VX8000 Firmware Update Disables DUN022724.52005-05-01 

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