Sprint Referral Program Re-Launch
Date: Friday, February 24 @ 18:28:26 MST
Topic: Sprint PCS

Sprint this week re-launched their Referral Rewards program, making some major changes to it. The largest change is that existing customers cannot tell Sprint that a new customer was referred to Sprint. Here are the details:

• Payments are now made via Sprint Visa debit cards
• Referral rate is $25 across Nextel and Sprint lines
• iDEN and CDMA are not factors, the referral counts either way
• You can now refer up to 12 people per year (unlike the previous one-per-month)
• Customers must report being referred by someone at a store or by #REF within 15 days of service activation

These changes will plug most loopholes and abuse that affected the referral program. In its early days, the program was known for allowing customers to guess new PCS numbers, and then gain an unlimited number of credits.

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