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Stories Archive

Sprint PCS Info: April 2004

· Site Update022202004-04-28 
· Sprint To Not Pickup Treo 610?0249752004-04-27 
· Deal Tracker Updated024302004-04-26 
· Sprint To Get Its First Slider Phone... A Pocket PC *Updated Again*031864.832004-04-25 
· In The Past Eight Hours...039402004-04-24 
· Phones Section Updated053302004-04-24 
· Deal Tracker Updated034102004-04-24 
· FAQ Updated027902004-04-24 
· Firmware Tracker Updated032702004-04-24 
· Sprint Download Page Revised043302004-04-24 
· Search Function Improved022002004-04-24 
· PM-8200 & VM-A680 Officially Online093802004-04-22 
· Outrage: Sprint Changes All Plan Addons to Require Re-Comitment090642004-04-21 
· Sprint Sanyo PM-8200 Page Up082702004-04-21 
· Enable Manual Vision Provisioning on Newer Samsungs044852004-04-20 
· Introducing The Deal Tracker022442004-04-18 
· Firmware Updates Update :)065252004-04-18 
· Sanyo 4920 Includes ReadyLink0180552004-04-18 
· SnapSync Works With T608055602004-04-16 
· Motorola V60v, LG VI-5225 Near Release0281952004-04-15 
· Sanyo PM-8200 Nears Release/Is Released/Sprint Has No Clue087952004-04-15 
· Samsung VM-A680 Manual Online092002004-04-15 
· Sierra PC3300 Hits SprintPCS.com032352004-04-14 
· Nokia PM-6225 Released *Updated*094552004-04-14 
· Sanyo PM-8200 Retail Price010084.22004-04-13 
· SonyEricsson, Qualcomm, The T608... And Corporate Espionage!?017683.752004-04-10 
· Fixing Other People's Messes073032004-04-09 
· Even More PRL Update Progress045202004-04-09 
· Sanyo.com PM-8200 Product Page Up033452004-04-09 
· Phones Section Updated024102004-04-08 
· FAQ Updated015902004-04-08 
· Samsung A660/VI660 XA28 - First FOTA Update?0103142004-04-07 
· BitPim Updated *Updated*034102004-04-07 
· Motorola V60v Manual Released038902004-04-07 
· Nokia PM-6225 Page Launched087852004-04-05 
· PRL Update Petition: Progress078452004-04-02 
· New, Very Useful T608 Codes Discovered0204952004-04-02 

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