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  Take The Call With EV-DO Active (Updated)
Posted on Saturday, March 18 @ 06:15:24 MST by Christopher_Price
  Sprint PCS Update: We should caution that this is not sanctioned by Sprint. DDTM/DOTM is enabled on default on all Sprint phones. In addition, the PPC-6700 2.06 firmware update released this week intentionally turns DDTM back on as the initial firmware was not DDTM-enabled. Sprint does not assure the ability to get an incoming call even though with DDTM/DOTM disabled you can, and thus you may experience bugs and at times may not get calls in a data session even with this feature enabled. Also, future services from Sprint such as DOTA and push-email may require DDTM/DOTM to be re-enabled.

One of the features of EV-DO is that it finally allows for incoming call sensing. This allows users to be notified and accept an incoming call even when they are using data on the device. 1xRTT, Vision, lacked this support as Sprint opted to not deploy Release A, a network upgrade that would have added support for the feature.

However, Sprint customers have been baffled as to how to do this. Verizon EV-DO phones have been able to receive incoming calls without problem while Sprint phones refuse to ring when data is in use. We now have the solution, and it is posted in Sanyo, HTC, and Samsung pages of our Sprint Phones Section, all it takes is navigating through a few menus.

Sprint Phones Section

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Re: Take The Call With EV-DO Active (Updated) (Score: 1)
by jailbird on Sunday, March 19 @ 14:40:16 MST
(User Info )
It would be nice if you would include what actualy DOTM IS. What do we loose by turning it off (besides any future service conflicts).


Re: Take The Call With EV-DO Active (Updated) (Score: 1)
by Merlyn_3D on Monday, March 20 @ 03:03:13 MST
(User Info )
I'm glad that you're giving credit where credit is due....oh....say my post over at sprintusers?


Re: Take The Call With EV-DO Active (Updated) (Score: 1)
by Yankees368 on Thursday, March 23 @ 19:20:47 MST
(User Info )
Caution. I have found out over the past few days that leaving this feature on creates a problem with voicemail notification. When a voicemail is left, no notification is displayed on the phone until you place a call, or enter a roaming area.


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