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  Power Vision - Vision 2.1
Posted on Wednesday, September 21 @ 00:39:13 MDT by Christopher_Price
  Sprint PCS Sprint PCS Info is a compilation of news, analysis and information. Likewise, we formed the Vision 2.0 standard around four main features; MIDP 2.0, GPS, 3D, and EV-DO.

Power Vision has MIDP 2.0, GPS, 3D, and EV-DO. Were glad everything worked out.

While we think the pricing of Power Vision should be the same as Vision, were glad Sprint is pushing forward and finishing what we suggested they start.

The key to Power Vision is that it creates a new paradigm, similar to Vision before it. All EV-DO phones will have to have MIDP 2, and 3D support. Phone manufacturers wishing to cram an EV-DO chipset into their budget re-hashes of the Sanyo 4920 will have to face challenges selling the devices in the current marketplace (in other words, Sprint isnt likely to pick them up anytime soon).

Rather than making EV-DO too much of a premium feature, this shift is likely to force manufacturers to find new ways to cut costs and deliver EV-DO handsets for less, much less. The Motorola E815 is the first budget EV-DO device (breaking the $99-with-2-year-contract barrier), Power Vision ensures that trend will continue.

So why is Power Vision (PV-class until marketing comes out with something better) different from Vision 2.0? Simple, seamless transition. Multimedia-class phones served to bring all the standards of Power Vision into the Sprint lineup, waiting for EV-DO to solidify them as a standard baseline set of features. Good job Sprint.




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Re: Power Vision - Vision 2.1 (Score: 1)
by tcooper185 on Wednesday, September 21 @ 12:16:21 MDT
(User Info )
So will the PocketPC versions require double-payment of Power Vision, like they currently do on EV-DO PocketPC's like the 6600? I see no reason to have to pay double to use a PocketPC...


Re: Power Vision - Vision 2.1 (Score: 1)
by Merlyn_3D on Thursday, September 22 @ 12:09:33 MDT
(User Info )
So wait, how does this affect vision holders who've been grandfathered? Or those with 2000 minute plans that came with free vision packs?


Re: Power Vision - Vision 2.1 (Score: 1)
by misterjensen on Thursday, September 22 @ 13:11:52 MDT
(User Info )
I'm have a consumer account (no business), I have the PPC-6700 in my hands (ordered direct from telesales), and I did not have to upgrade to Power Vision. My regular unlimited Vision plan from 2002 works with my 6700 and I get EVDO.


Re: Power Vision - Vision 2.1 (Score: 1)
by SprintKhan on Wednesday, October 05 @ 15:38:03 MDT
(User Info )
Where can I download the 20215 PRL for EV-DO devices to upload manually to my PPC 6600. I have Radio HA01_140 and the instructions said not to ask Sprint to automatically update the PRL.


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