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  T608: It Also Is A Tool!
Posted on Thursday, February 10 @ 21:34:11 MST by Christopher Price
  Okay, you already knew the Sony Ericsson T608 was a tool, but it also has an advantage for people who moved on from it: it's a great way to get contacts onto a new phone. Here's how:

1) Buy a DRS-11 serial cable
2) Use Bluetooth to syncronize your entire phonebook onto the T608
3) Take your new phone, the DRS-11, and the old T608 to your Sprint Store
4) Ask the store's TSR to use their software to sync the contacts to your new phone with the cable (since chances are, they don't have the DRS-11)

Of course, these steps can also be done on your own with SnapSync, but why pay $30 for a piece of software when you can pay $10 for a cable?



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Re: T608: It Also Is A Tool! (Score: 1)
by inteller on Friday, February 11 @ 07:15:09 MST
(User Info )
you could do this with the 325 too..

...oh wait, no you can't. well it still makes a good door stop.


Re: T608: It Also Is A Tool! (Score: 1)
by humara on Friday, February 11 @ 10:28:58 MST
(User Info )
Talk about 2 steps back. After all the talk about bluetooth fanatics, who is going to this??? And with what new awesome bluetoothless phone?


Re: T608: It Also Is A Tool! (Score: 1)
by inteller on Friday, February 11 @ 13:04:34 MST
(User Info )
better suggestion, just keep using the T608. at least it has OBEX.


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