Format Change
Date: Tuesday, March 21 @ 01:06:04 MST
Topic: Site News

Starting this week, Sprint PCS Info will no longer be reporting news as an independent source. We have decided that PCS Intel is best suited to handle the tasks of reporting and content solely. The demand for two sites has decreased even more with the launch of our Knowledge Base, and we expect that viewers will find it.

Sprint PCS Info will return as the personal blog of your humble editor-in-chief. As Sprint has started to pontificate about mobility online, I'll be pontificating about things that matter to you. By moving all reporting to PCS Intel, we think you'll find it easier to read just one site if you want, or both if you still want to.

Sprint PCS Info "3.0" will launch over the weekend. We're hard at work moving Sprint PCS Info content to PCS Intel right now.

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