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  Samsung MM-A940, Sanyo MM-9000 Product Pages Up
Posted on Tuesday, October 25 @ 05:11:10 MDT by Christopher_Price
  Sprint PCS Though not fully released, you can now view the final Sanyo MM-9000 and Samsung MM-A940 product pages from Sprint's web site at the links below.

Samsung MM-A940 Product Page
Sanyo MM-9000 Product Page




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Re: Samsung MM-A940, Sanyo MM-9000 Product Pages Up (Score: 1)
by joesacco1584 on Tuesday, October 25 @ 14:08:05 MDT
(User Info )
It would seem after all the coverage of thier posting, Sprint has pulled the sites...


Re: Samsung MM-A940, Sanyo MM-9000 Product Pages Up (Score: 1)
by BluVitro (hmmm) on Wednesday, October 26 @ 19:19:29 MDT
(User Info )
looks like the pages have been pulled


Review of Phone (Score: 1)
by macjeff on Saturday, November 05 @ 20:36:13 MST
(User Info )
I ordered my phone and got it in. I have spent a day now playing with the phone, Talking to Sprint, and talking to Samsung. We figured out a lot of things on the phone. And like usual....Sprints Manual leaves out all the good stuff!!! Here are 20 things I have learned and observed. 1. Bluetooth sending- You must be in the main screen (screensaver) and you can send files to the phone. BUT according to Samsung the phone was crippled so it will only accept vcard files via bluetooth. 2. Bluetooth works great with many headsets, car handsfree, etc. Unlike my T608 it is very crisp and clear. 3. To add jpegs to the phone it is easy. First you have to take a picture on the phone and let it create a folder on your memory card. Then put the card in a card reader and put as many jpegs to the same folder as it created on your phone. you will see the picture you just took. Dont delete the last picture that you REALLY added from the phone or it may delete the folder which will delete the other ones. 4. To add video to the phone. I can only help you on the mac since I am a mac guy but basically you have to open your quicktime movies and export them as 3gpp2-EZ Movie format. Then put the memory card in a card reader and copy the movies into the same folder as the jpegs in #3. It will work fine!!! (also pretty cool to set a video as a screensaver and it will loop on your phone desktop) 5. To add mp3's, AIF, MP4 and other sound files. You have to first go to the Sprint Music store and buy 1 song. Actually they give you 5 free with the phone. Make sure your memory card is in the phone and make sure the files are stored on the card (move them if you make a mistake). Then put the card in a card reader, attach it to the computer, and you will see a music folder. Open the music folder and DO NOT touch the files you will see in there. Copy your music into this folder. Put the card back into the phone, go to music and you will be able to play your songs. 6. Here is the cool feature. If you have the following file types on your computer (Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, ASCII Text, Macromedia Flash, ZIP compressed files, HTML/mHTML and a variety of Image formats, including BMP, JPG, GIF, PNF, WMF and EMF) you can put the card in a card reader, attach it to your computer, copy any of these type of files into a folder on the card called BT_FTP on the card. Then put the card into the phone. Go to the Tools menu and choose File Manager. Then go to bluetooth, and then card. You will see a list of the file types EVEN with the icon of word, powerpoint, Excel, PDF, etc. Open each file and Picsel viewer will open. You can go up and down with the up and down keys, rotate the file with the right and left keys, or use the 1 and 3 keys to zoom in and zoom out. Now isnt that cool!!!! 7. Bluetooth Modem- Now Sprint says if you are going to use this more then once and a while you need to purchase the $30 plan for modem use. They will monitor accounts and if you are using too much bandwidth they will send you a letter. If you ignore it you will be shutdown. But it works on my MAC just fine. You can , in OS 10.4, choose Bluetooth as your network port...email me at [email protected] if you need more help and then put #777 as the number and leave everything else blank. The modem should be Sprint PCS Vision. I can send it to anyone who needs it on a mac and if you dont have that option. Then connect and it works and it is FAST!!!! 8. USB Modem- I tried #7 using Samsung USB as the network port and did all the other settings the same and it worked even faster. 9. Sprint TV- Pretty cool but you have to turn on a plan to really use it. But I do like it. Animal Planet wont show up on this phone and I have a trouble ticket in. The SprintTV almost as good as it does on my TV or as good as it does on my computer. 10. Games- All the games are pretty cool. The bowling demo that comes with it is not ready to be full release so dont delete it like I did if you want to buy the real game. It wont be ready for

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