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  Cingular Unifying, Raising Prepaid Prices
Posted on Monday, April 04 @ 00:38:12 MDT by Christopher_Price
  Cingular has announced that they are unifying their three prepaid service's price-plans. Cingular KIC, Free2Go, and GoPhone (excluding former AT&T; Wireless GoPhone accounts, which are not prepaid) will now conform to the following rates:

$15 (expiring 30 days from replenishment)
$25 (expiring 90 days from replenishment)
$50 (expiring 90 days from replenishment)
$75 (expiring 90 days from replenishment)
$100 (expiring 180 days from replenishment)

This is a significant change for formerly AT&T; Wireless Free2Go accounts, which paid as low as $3.33 a month for TDMA access. Also, unlike the previous Free2Go offering, your balance will not rollover as it did before upon adding the new minutes.




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Re: Cingular Unifying, Raising Prepaid Prices (Score: 1)
by Christopher Price on Monday, April 04 @ 04:22:38 MDT
(User Info ) http://www.sprintpcsinfo.com/
As someone who uses Free2Go for a TDMA backup, this is bad news, as you are basically going from $3.33/month to a minimum $8.33/month.

The only temporary workaround is to stock up on $10 Free2Go refill cards available at most former AT&T; Wireless stores. They are set to expire on 12/31/2006, so buying seven cards now for $70 (and not adding any of the new unified airtime minutes), will ensure you service until the beginning of 2007 (and by that time, Cingular will begin to shut down TDMA anyways).


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