Vision Content Piracy: Not A Problem to Sprint?
Date: Wednesday, November 23 @ 02:24:57 MST
Topic: Sprint PCS

Part of advocating to the consumer is ensuring that the value of their purchases are preserved. Sometimes, this requires showing inaction on the part of Sprint Corporate Security. is a web site that maintains a community forum for discussing, and posting, games, wallpaper, and ringtones. While that's great, they are actively soliciting people post copyrighted content... much of which is from the PCS Vision Content Vending Machine (the Vision Store, for short).

We just would like to let everyone know you can download copyrighted games from Sprint, specifically, the companies that signed DRM agreements with Sprint to have their content sold there. Both PCS Intel and Sprint PCS Info have guided users to back up their purchased content legally, sites like the one above have abused that to the point that Qualcomm has modified their own chipsets to prevent this in the future.

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