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Stories Archive

Sprint PCS Info: July 2003

· A brief break from the misery029852003-07-31 
· From Mobile Tracker024902003-07-31 
· T608 Petition Ends Tomorrow021602003-07-30 
· CNet.com Posts T608032002003-07-29 
· T608 Accessories Shipped to Customers027542003-07-29 
· Sprint PCS Q2 Conference Call - No T608 Info016502003-07-29 
· Sprint eCare Becoming More T608-Aware055802003-07-28 
· New Poll014102003-07-27 
· T608 Not Only Phone Pulled061202003-07-26 
· More Bad News029702003-07-26 
· Sprint T608 Product Page Removed043452003-07-26 
· Sprint PCS Conference Call024302003-07-25 
· T608 Order Hack042002003-07-25 
· T608 Petition Reaches 1300+ Signatures014002003-07-24 
· One Month Today015302003-07-24 
· Donations012902003-07-24 
· DNS Server Problems026302003-07-24 
· Possible Explanation for Delay?020402003-07-22 
· Site Errors015402003-07-22 
· DreamPages Reporting T608 Available to Order Soon030352003-07-20 
· T608 Hits activate.sprintpcs.com084602003-07-20 
· T608 Accessories Now For Sale021802003-07-20 
· T608 Product Page Updated024602003-07-20 
· T608 Compatibility List Updated019002003-07-19 
· Minor Site Change014702003-07-19 
· Putting Donations To Use068902003-07-19 
· More Info On Verizon086002003-07-19 
· A Word About eCare034002003-07-18 
· T608 Petition Reaches 1200+ Signatures014432003-07-18 
· New Downloads017902003-07-18 
· T608 'On Hold' For Three Weeks027602003-07-18 
· A Tale of Two Manuals022202003-07-17 
· T608 SKU'ed035152003-07-16 
· MobileTracker Article Is Pure Speculation020842003-07-16 
· Site Upgrades013502003-07-16 
· T606 & T608 Video023212003-07-15 
· New Logo039102003-07-15 
· 2500+ Unique Viewers in First Day025502003-07-15 
· T606 Carrier Responses080052003-07-15 
· U.S. Cellular & Alltel Also Questioned0120302003-07-15 
· Verizon Questioned0105402003-07-14 
· T608 Compatibility List029102003-07-14 
· Sprint PCS Firmware Tracker032602003-07-14 
· Sprint Gives Reassurance... Sort Of040922003-07-14 
· SonyEricsson T608 Review045402003-07-13 

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