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  Sprint: Stop The PPC-6700 Spam
Posted on Sunday, October 09 @ 21:43:33 MDT by Christopher_Price
  Sprint PCS The PPC-6600 and 6700 install a lot of software. These include Audible, data mining apps, a Today app that links to Sprint Business Connection (which, actually is not yet available for the 6700), etc. However, the 6700 actually installs something on top of that, a program which kills the uninstaller for these apps.

Meaning, you can't fully remove the spam Sprint bundles with your PDA. This is made worse by that Windows Mobile 5 runs using flash memory, slowing down the entire system each time these useless DLLs, and registry entries have to be processed.

Sprint, fix this, now. All Sprint (or UTStarcom) has to do is take out the malware uninstall-remover CAB from the ExtROM out. If Sprint does not act, we will. This begs the question, which would be better for Sprint from a PR perspective?




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Re: Sprint: Stop The PPC-6700 Spam (Score: 1)
by ZERO on Monday, October 10 @ 10:53:43 MDT
(User Info )
These are user removable. Do a hard reset, before the self install begins (about 3 seconcs after the hard resed ends) do a soft reset. That is it. You, the user, will have to set up Vision manually by entering #777 and your username. Any of the apps that self install are on the included cd, so if you really want them you can add them manually.


Re: Sprint: Stop The PPC-6700 Spam (Score: 1)
by Shark on Monday, October 10 @ 21:56:05 MDT
(User Info )
PR over a feature like that? Like they care. If they did, wouldn't they... oh, I dunno, say... add the full bluetooth stack to the PM-325?


Re: Sprint: Stop The PPC-6700 Spam (Score: 1)
by biffman on Wednesday, October 19 @ 12:28:52 MDT
(User Info )
Is there a fix for this yet? I was really hyped about the 6700 but after hearing this Im back up on the fence. Maybe this is the processor slowdown that has been mentioned in a few of the reviews. Also, is the MSFP software included on the 6700? I just found out that even when my hosted Exchange provider upgrades to Exchange 2003 SP2 I cant have push on the 6700 without MSFP. If it doesnt have it can it be upgraded?


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