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  SPI Labs: Beta PPC-6600 (And PPC-6601) EV-DO Update (Updated)
Posted on Friday, January 13 @ 07:49:11 MST by Christopher_Price
  Sprint PCS Update 3: To fully downgrade, you will need to update your PRL to the non-EV-DO release. Follow our directions from last time to do so...

Update 2: The good news is the update does work. The bad news is the update won't work for you. Sprint has EV-DO authentication in full force on the PPC-6600 series, and until they are cleared as EV-DO devices, it does not appear that any update will work. Because this basically disables data access, we suggest users not install the update. We apologize for posting a second non-working update; it is impossible to test these updates without submitting them to a national coverage area.

Update: SPI Labs has modified the leaked beta to work with the PPC-6601. The install procedure is a bit different, you must download the 6601 link at the bottom, extract the files, then run MaUpgradeUt_noID.exe. If you receive a Device ID error, simply close and re-open the program.

At Sprint PCS Info, we have led the fight to push Sprint to release EV-DO support for the (now discontinued) PPC-6600 Series. Today, the first effects of that have been leaked to the public. We are hosting below a beta update for the PPC-6600 that does enable EV-DO. While some users have reported bugs with maintaining EV-DO sessions, it does appear to work.

This update, like our past EV-DO prototype updates, and Windows Media Player 10 Update, will void your warranty should you be unable to revert to the Sprint-approved firmware (though this is unlikely, HTC has safeguards to protect against such an event).

To install the update, click the link below, and run it from a Windows PC with ActiveSync 3.8 or higher. This update does not include WMP10. To install Windows Media Player 10, you must run the 2.03.00 WWE update on top of this one, even if you have run it previously. You can find 2.03.00 WWE in our Knowledge Base.

Also Note: The startup screens have been modified with a very ugly Test Only splash screens. And by ugly, we mean rubber-stamp meant-to-be-ugly splash screens (and no new going forward logo either). Do not panic when you see them for the first time.

Beta PPC-6600 EV-DO Update
Beta PPC-6601 EV-DO Update

Support SPI Labs' work on the PPC-6600. Visit our advertisers.



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Re: SPI Labs: Beta PPC-6600 (And PPC-6601) EV-DO Update (Score: 1)
by sledgie on Friday, January 13 @ 08:37:08 MST
(User Info )
Does this automatically update the prl to 20215 as well?


Re: SPI Labs: Beta PPC-6600 (And PPC-6601) EV-DO Update (Updated) (Score: 1)
by gla17624 on Saturday, January 14 @ 07:52:21 MST
(User Info )
so did this evdo update come from sprint? or is it another update created by someone else other than sprint?


Re: SPI Labs: Beta PPC-6600 (And PPC-6601) EV-DO Update (Updated) (Score: 1)
by sf_jack on Wednesday, January 18 @ 14:52:43 MST
(User Info )
What ROM image is best to roll back to? (Sorry for the double post)


Re: SPI Labs: Beta PPC-6600 (And PPC-6601) EV-DO Update (Updated) (Score: 1)
by jngmil on Monday, January 23 @ 17:23:03 MST
(User Info )
Perhaps I am just not seeing things correctly. Are you suggesting not to download this update and to wait until it is released from Sprint?


Re: SPI Labs: Beta PPC-6600 (And PPC-6601) EV-DO Update (Updated) (Score: 1)
by smv1978 on Saturday, March 25 @ 22:14:10 MST
(User Info )
So no one has figured out a way to make this work yet? I spoke to sprint the other day and it looks like the update is cancelled however right at a month ago I recieved an E-Mail form sprint saying that the update is coming out but they did not know when


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