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  Sprint Launches Employee Referral Program SERO (Updated 3 Times)
Posted on Saturday, December 03 @ 19:20:23 MST by Christopher_Price
  Sprint PCS Update 3: The SERO store has now added more phones, including the Samsung MM-A900.

Update 2: The new plans (1250 minutes for $49.99 and 2500 minutes for $99.99) are now available from the SERO store online.

Update: SERO has now been expanded to have optional 1250 and 2500 minute offerings. The InPhonic store does not currently list those offerings, however, you should be able to switch to those options after ordering via Customer Care.

Sprint has launched their new combined Sprint Nextel employee Christmas referral program. SERO, the Sprint Employee Referral Offer, is modeled after the Nextel referral program, usually offered in the after-Thanksgiving period.

The current system is using InPhonic, a Sprint-partnered online processor to handle orders, rather than Sprint's own online store. It does support both Sprint and Nextel sides of the company.

Sprint SERO




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Re: Sprint Launches Employee Referral Program SERO (Updated Again) (Score: 1)
by KevinKnight on Sunday, December 11 @ 01:11:42 MST
(User Info )
Now thats cool.


Re: Sprint Launches Employee Referral Program SERO (Updated Again) (Score: 1)
by KevinKnight on Sunday, December 11 @ 01:31:01 MST
(User Info )
I'm not sure about this site, I tryed to log in with a made up e-mail and it worked. And I know employee's and have not heard of this. Be safe when using this site.


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