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  SPI Labs: Auditing of Ringerpost (Updated)
Posted on Monday, November 28 @ 13:17:05 MST by Christopher_Price
  Sprint PCS Update: Many Ringerpost supporters have said in our article's commentary that we are doing this for personal reasons. Nothing could be further from the truth. We advocate to Sprint, and as part of it, bring matters like these to the public's attention. We would, and will do the same with any other web site offering content in violating of Sprint's licensing agreements. Please report any site that you believe is hosting pirated Sprint DRM content, and we will cover it in a similar fashion.

Following on our coverage of Ringerpost.com's posting of pirated Vision content, we decided to use SPI Labs resources to give you "just the facts" as to what you will find on their site.

Our audit focused on games and applications, basically MIDP 1.0 and 2.0 apps. Games and applications were separated only due to the web site establishing different forums for posting each. We did not analyze if ringtones, or video ringtones, were being pirated from the Vision Vending Machine. We also isolated application revisions, for example, categorizing files that were targeted for use on only one device, or, applications that received a much broader range of compatibility. We counted each release separately, as stealing the MM-535 version of an application is a different count of piracy from stealing the MM-A800's version of the application.

In all, we found over 140 games and over 50 applications that clearly could have only originated from the Vision vending machine. Of those, approximately 25% were admitted, in some manner to be "ripping off" or pirating by the original poster. 10% of MIDP applications had had their JAD wrappers hacked to remove certain DRM restrictions, a direct violation of the DMCA, even for hosting the materials for educational purposes, as the site claims.

Based on that Sprint applications only work on the Sprint network (such as Garmin mobile, MobiTV, and TeleNav), and that we have isolated exact counts and manners, as well as archived them for Sprint corporate security, we can prove beyond any doubt that Ringerpost is directly violating with malice and forethought, international copyright laws, United States copyright laws, as well as the DMCA.

Any legal authority (DoJ, Sprint Legal, etc) that would like further information is welcomed to contact Sprint PCS Info.




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Re: SPI Labs: Auditing of Ringerpost (Score: 1)
by Ivealwaysgotmail on Tuesday, November 29 @ 12:48:21 MST
(User Info )
Wow...... first you say "cancel service their charging us for esn swaps" now u basically hand over a plate of evidence against a company that has made all the BULLSHIT 3$ a month charges that sprint dishes out and makes AN INSANE AMOUNT OF MONEY OFF OF dissapear. WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR!!!!, the amount of effort it takes to put into making a game for a 40 pixel screen is NOTHING, they make their money back within the first month of sucking people in to purchase or even SUBSCRIBE to something THAT DOESNT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH A SUBSCRIPTION THEY JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO CHARGE YOU ONCE A MONTH!!! I have been reading this site for over 2 years, ........... this makes me wonder.......... are you for the consumer or for the price-gouging gas companies......... think about that while i de-subscribe my RSS feed


Re: SPI Labs: Auditing of Ringerpost (Score: 1)
by stonedtseller ([email protected]) on Wednesday, November 30 @ 14:28:34 MST
(User Info ) http://www.readylinkusers.com
I have done programming/design for the site and some of the stuff that chris said simply isn't true. I first wondered why such a site wouldn't hide itself and be underground since they are just basically ripping off Sprint but there are reasons/loopholes. There are indeed some stuff that chris isn't telling you. He is just presenting the dark side of the site. But then there is a lot of stuff that chris says that isn't true and he has been proven wrong. The fact that you say the site is operating in malice is wrong, otherwise they'd be charging big fees to access it. There is no way you should be using your site to try and get people to hate a site that basically gives them what they need at no cost. You had problems in the past trying to use your site to get people to turn against SU and you failed. I believe very seriously that you will fail in your attempts with Ringerpost as well. Even if the site was illegal, that means you would be breaking laws by downloading stuff. You are not law enforcement and cannot take the law in your own hands. Thats like someone saying hey I found a child porn site and I'm archiving everything they have so I can go to the approriate authorities with it. NOT GONNA WORK. If Ringerpost is illegal as you say it is, let the appropriate authorities handle what needs to be done. They will be wasting their time and you will be proven wrong. Push come to shove, it'll become a Napster like situation and companies will emulate what the site is doing to the point that they will charge a monthly fee and share some of the revenue with the appropriate people.


Re: SPI Labs: Auditing of Ringerpost (Score: 1)
by ZERO on Wednesday, November 30 @ 17:26:08 MST
(User Info )
WOW, I am so glad that PCSinfo is here to "audit" every site that Hatoncat (Price) has a beef with. I dont know what Ringerpost did to you, and frankly I dont care; however I have officially lost what little respect I had left for this site (and the other one run by Price). Thank you for confirming what many others have said but I never bought into, I guess when someone talks themselves up so much you tend to start believing it.


Re: SPI Labs: Auditing of Ringerpost (Score: 1)
by stonedtseller ([email protected]) on Thursday, December 01 @ 02:55:12 MST
(User Info ) http://www.readylinkusers.com
chris as you see, you will not garner any support from your members for attempting to shut down ringerpost. if this is a personal vendetta that you have, you should of kept it to yourself. maybe you we're trying to show sprint that your site users support whatever you say. you have failed. you are very smart, yet very arrogant, that is going to destroy you. let sleeping dogs lay. the only thing you have done was increase ringerpost's popularity through your RSS feeds. sprint overcharges drastically for content. ringerpost gives it away for free. that is what customers want. it may be wrong morally but its not illegal and you know this. they are not profiting at sprint's (or anybody's for that fact) expense. i'm sure you wont stop this nonsense but i advise you to do so, it makes yourself look stupid. imagine the image coca cola would protray of itself if it put 'pepsi sucks' one each of its cans. it would be very unproductive and immature of them to do so. i know there is not any interesting news to report about sprint as of now but boredom is better than embrassment.


Re: SPI Labs: Auditing of Ringerpost (Score: 1)
by mew2 on Thursday, December 01 @ 03:43:06 MST
(User Info )
Chris, don't you understand that Sprint has almost 50 Million customers, and probably less than 1000 people even know about the site, Sprint could care less. Plus ringerpost is actually helping Sprint, out since you need Vision to download the games and apps. By wasting your time on stuff like this, your missing out on important stuff, like the A900 being released.


Re: SPI Labs: Auditing of Ringerpost (Score: 1)
by kidqwik on Friday, December 02 @ 11:52:19 MST
(User Info )
I come here to check about new info about Sprint. Many times I skip the aggrogant "We said it first!" comments because I could really care less who said it first, just looking for info, not attempts by people to feel special/powerful by providing info. After reading this nark like article I just shook my head. If you wanted to report them to Sprint, etc, so be it. But posting an article about it for all to read and then entitling it "Auditing of Ringerpost" for whatever issues you have with Ringerpost is just childish and immature. People appreciate what you post here about Sprint, etc. You should know that. Arrogance and immaturity don't encourage people to come here or make them throw praise on you. Is the reason for this site to help Sprint customers out with new info and questions or is it to make you feel powerful in a virtual/digital kind of way? Obviously the latter it seems.


Re: SPI Labs: Auditing of Ringerpost (Updated) (Score: 1)
by Big_Poppa_TN on Sunday, December 04 @ 20:57:23 MST
(User Info ) http://www.getfreeforum.com/forums/index.php?mforum=CongaLines&act=idx
Chris, I have some respect for you, you run a good site. But I feel this article was not needed as well. SprintPCSInfo.com should stick to what the name implies. Sprint PCS Info. I feel now that I will have to remove all links and feeds from my site that are promoting this site and PCSIntel until your site return to what it was intended to be. I do not condone NARC's. If someone is breaking the law, let the LAW handle it, we do not want to hear about it from a tattle-tale. And just for some info, I have never visited ringerpost.com. Never heard of it till now.


Re: SPI Labs: Auditing of Ringerpost (Updated) (Score: 1)
by johall15 on Monday, December 05 @ 15:55:45 MST
(User Info )
After reading through all the comments garnered by this post, I'm left shaking my head. I had no idea that there were so many people out there that knowingly and willingly use pirated content. I think there is a mis-understanding of what Chris is saying. If I use a site like 3gupload or myphonefiles and create my own game/ringer/screensaver and upload it to make it available for others to use, I am doing that with my own free will and permission. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. I have created the item and as the creator, I am free to share it with whomever I would like. If I have copyrighted that item then it should be my decision where I make that game/ringer/screensaver available for download. If I create my own site and post said item on that site for sale for $50, while it may be over-priced, I created it, so I can charge however much I want for it. No one has the right to put the item on some other website for others to use without my express permission. As a musician, I write my own songs, if a website that hasn't paid the proper licensing fees and gained copyright permission from me, makes my music freely available on the web, they are breaking the law. Bottom line is that if you feel Sprint is charging too much for their downloads, fine don't use them, but don't go downloading pirated copies from other sources. If you really want to get a comparable product without paying for it, go to school, learn how to program, and create your own games. Sorry for the long post, but with all the negative posts regarding the article, I thought I would throw in the fact that not everyone disagrees with Chris and his attempt to get Sprint to go after these folks. WAY TO GO CHRIS! Thanks for being our advocate!!!


We aren't Sprint (the company). We don't want to be Sprint (the company). Please don't think this site is Sprint (the company). Sprint (the company) is here. Want Sprint (the company)? Go to Sprint's (company) web site...

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