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  The PPC-6600 Update: Just The Facts
Posted on Wednesday, November 16 @ 19:27:23 MST by Christopher_Price
  Sprint PCS We get asked this daily. Here is our latest update on the PPC-6600 and EV-DO.

Sprint has refused to respond to any direct request on the update since the launch of Power Vision.
UTStarcom has refused to respond to any direct request on the update since the launch of Power Vision.

Users continue to receive conflicting information when contacting Sprint directly as to if the update will be released or not.




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Re: The PPC-6600 Update: Just The Facts (Score: 1)
by mbressman on Thursday, November 17 @ 05:51:30 MST
(User Info )
What a surprise... It seems in general that Sprint really enjoys keeping consumers in the dark...and even more so enjoys having their customer service representatives provide conflicting or entirely erroneous information to consumers.


Re: The PPC-6600 Update: Just The Facts (Score: 1)
by harknell on Thursday, November 17 @ 07:36:02 MST
(User Info )
I'm wondering something: Honestly, from a technical standpoint and programming standpoint, how hard would it be to update the 6600 to get EVDO? Is this simply a case where we need a new PPC program to tell it how to use the EVDO chipset that's built in? In this case does it simply require someone to see how the 6700 is programmed and retofit the 6600? Or is it way more complicated? What is the realistic possibilities of an upgrade if Sprint drops the ball and doesn't realease one?


Re: The PPC-6600 Update: Just The Facts (Score: 1)
by comptech2002 on Monday, November 28 @ 07:47:16 MST
(User Info )
YES Sprint is coming out with software for the PPC 6600 so it can do EV-DO...the offical date is yet to be anounced. BUT yes it will have the ability to do it. I see it to happen close to the first of the year if any.


Re: The PPC-6600 Update: Just The Facts (Score: 1)
by falconier on Saturday, December 10 @ 02:19:27 MST
(User Info )
The word I keep hearing is sometime before the end of the first quarter. They were worried about call volume during the holidays and decided to postpone it. Makes sense to me (even though I hate that now i have to wait). If it was released during the peak call volume time period to customer service that happens during the christmass season it would make for very unhappy people waiting for hours to get through to speak with someone. You have to update your phone and then (or before unless they make your change your vision plan to power vision in order to update or maybe just tell you to call in or do the change online when you go to download it) call customer service to change from your vision plan to power vision.


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