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CTIA Day 0: Lemonade? No, just lemmons... PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Written by Christopher Price   
Tuesday, 12 September 2006
We're here in Los Angeles, and despite what has been covered by others, there actually is no new news so far. Granted the expo hasn't technically started, but only Handmark comes in close. They showed off the same On Demand that comes free on Sprint phones running on GSM Motorola handsets... Wow.

Oh, and if you think we get "special treatment"... spare yourself the "glamor" of an open bar and realize that simply parking made the press reception not worth the effort.

Unfortunately, this CTIA expo is looking to be a train wreck in process, barring any surprise announcements (Apple, Can you hear me now? Good...). Not only is it shaping up to be lacking in new things to tout, but, we may not have any photos to show.

That's the one (extremely blurry) photo we could take before security swarmed... literally. They hadn't put up the new no-photos-without-expressed-permission signs yet (yet still tried to nuke our camera for the fun of it). Meaning, this could be the driest coverage of a CTIA expo yet. We'll literally have to walk around with our camera asking to even take a photo booth. Excuse me, CITA? Can I have some brown paint for my nose?

Our policy hasn't changed. If a company denies us the ability to provide proper coverage, we will deny them coverage. It costs money to cover these events, and if a company doesn't want us to document what they have to show... we simply don't want to talk to them.

Others with less scruples will of course break these rules, so our coverage may have to depend on others running around with their camera phones. Why are we telling you this? These new (and in our view, pointless) rules make our jobs more difficult, which means we have to break the coverage up onto more pages, meaning it takes you more time to get the same information. We hate that, you hate that, and you can thank CTIA organizers. If you don't want photos of products, don't show them on a show floor next to thousands of camera phones.

Oh, and one more big shocker (if you aren't sick enough of dripping sarcasm), cool.Prepaid won't be at this year's expo... Don't feel bad Cool, half the national carriers didn't bother to show either.

Want the funniest bit of all? RCR Wireless (one of our friendly competitors), which actually sponsors part of the event, has declared CTIA Day 0 part of their "worst of the week". Now, we hate to rag on the competition, but that's money well spent... you can't buy that kind of advertising.
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