Verizon Wireless Reaches Out to Customers
Written by Christopher Price   
Saturday, 05 August 2006
As a part of full disclosure, we generally make clear when we're participating in anything with carriers. Verizon Wireless has launched their new Customer Council... which is essentially a panel of the "elite of the elite" of their customers. This program sounds like a much more expanded version of Sprint's Ambassador program, however, we have higher hopes.

Sprint simply issued a phone to customers and welcomed feedback, however, based on what Verizon is offering; they are going to establish a more in-depth dialog.

Quite simply, this is good news. Verizon is finally going to sit down and hear what the elite users want to say... in a manner that can actually be processed in the company. They're not just reaching out to the Mobile Media, they're actually paneling savvy users who often are unsung in how they aide the wireless industry. I think that this relationship is the most constructive Verizon has had in terms of outreach in years, and we're going to let them know what you want.