Motorola, Don't Do That Again
Written by Christopher Price   
Sunday, 30 July 2006
At PCS Intel, we aren't going to play Motorola's game. Every time we have been all set in the past week to report on their phones, they roll out more phones.

This is obviously an attempt to boost Media PR by tricking out a product wave announcement over several days. First by officially announcing some products, then dropping others at parties, then finally leaking others to sources. We don't play those games here, and held off our reporting until they were done announcing.

PCS Intel is not a blog, we aren't going to be blog-ish with our coverage. Our viewers demand complete and comprehensive coverage of devices, and we aren't going to deliver that until Motorola delivers all the details they plan to.

We apologize if you saw (confusing, and conflicting) information on other sites, but, that's what the forums are for to hash out in the interim. Again, Motorola, these PR games hurt your image by confusing your customers more than anything else.