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Leopard: All Things to All People PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Written by Christopher Price   
Tuesday, 24 October 2006
After I just put the latest build of Leopard on our primary Leopard testbed, I felt a pinging feeling on my forehead (and not the XML-RPC kind).

(Our Leopard testbed is a PowerBook G4 12-inch... aka The Good Keyboard Mac... as in, the MacBook has a really bad keyboard)...

Safari in Leopard formats sites in a different manner from older versions of Safari. We were expecting that, as the Safari team told us long ago that it would (no NDA breaking here). Problem is, it formats differently than Firefox, or Internet Explorer (6, 7, or whatever).

The Safari team has said that this new concept in site formatting will work better on large displays. Unfortunately, since Apple isn't shipping a 1024x768 Mac anymore... they kinda forgot that many people consider that big... such as, all the Sprint Stores in America. Yes, Sprint Store viewers, we know you're out there. The WebKit team said this in not so many words in the past... but it wasn't until we saw its effect with our own eyes that the aching set in.

This means that we have one more browser to balance, and that alone can cause a headache. No, we're not going to spill any Leopard beans, other than it's a good thing we ploped down the money for it... because other... sites... are going to be left scratching their heads as to why Leopard Safari formats their site poorly.
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