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OGradys MBP Battery DiesĶ PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Written by Christopher Price   
Thursday, 01 June 2006
Weve never been so happy that someones technology failed (though, were pretty fed up with this whole debacleĶ).

Apple called us a bunch of liars for telling the world what AppleCare told us. Now, even Jason OGradys own MacBook Pro battery has suffered the same capacity issues our MBP suffered from when we told the world. O'Grady's MBP falls exactly in-line with the targeted production runs of MacBook Pro, W8607 (same as ours).

You were saying about there being no known issues or silent recalls Apple? We made clear this only affected the very first units, so, the batch certainly is isolated. That said, come on Apple, dont shoot the messenger next time.

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